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Practical transport solutions for ladders: it’s that easy!

If you need a ladder for work on the construction site or while completing service work, you often have the problem that it is bulky and sometimes difficult to stow away - on or in the vehicle. Find out here which safe and practical transport solutions for ladders Sortimo offers.

If you are a tradesman or service technician, you may have asked yourself the following questions: How can I create more storage space on or in my van? How can I at least make the best use of the available space in my vehicle to safely store and transport ladders there? Or: How can this be done as ergonomically as possible without constantly straining my back? The answers are quickly given: Sortimo offers comprehensive transport solutions for ladders – and they fit perfectly.

Selection guide for the right means of transport of ladders

Creating solutions for optimised workflows as well as the safe and quick stowage and transport of work materials is Sortimo’s core competence. Sortimo always has the right answers to questions about the optimal transport solutions for ladders and their safe transport on and in the vehicle:

The ladder side lift (loadable up to 35 kilograms) supports you when it comes to lifting the ladder ergonomically with little effort onto the roof.

The rear ladder lift is designed for ladders weighing up to 51 kilograms, and the internal ladder lift helps to store ladders weighing up to 18 kilograms in the van interior – on the vehicle ceiling – ensuring maximum space-saving. And: it fits into every commercial vehicle model

For those who want to take a pragmatic approach, the ladder clamp is a cost-effective aid that simplifies work steps and enables safe transport of ladders  

Which transport system for which requirement?

Get a quick overview of the many possibilities that we offer you.

Example application Ladder side lift
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Rear ladder lift
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Interior ladder lift
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Ladder clamp
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Roof Storage:

Interior Storage:

Load (Kg)

up to 51

up to 40

up to 35

up to 18

Ladder Length (m)

up to 4,5

up to 1,8

All lengths available
depending on the
length of the vehicle

Side loading and
unloading possible?

Loading and unloading
possible via the rear?

The basis: The TopSystem roof rack

The basis for transport on the vehicle roof is the TopSystem roof rack, which creates additional loading space and is designed for bulky and sometimes very long objects or working materials – such as ladders – in order to transport them safely and in a space-saving manner. The integrated ProSafe load securing system is convenient to use and helps you to quickly lash down the load and transport it safely.

Solution 1: Ladder clamp

You can secure your ladders on the TopSystem with the inexpensive accessory – the ladder clamp. Of course, the use of an additional ladder may be needed on a larger veicle type.The ladder clamp is very easy to use and can be positioned universally on the TopSystem. With just one hand, up to four tier ladders can be secured and unsecured on the TopSystem with the ladder clamp. A lock also protects the ladders from theft.

The advantages:

  • one-hand operation
  • quick securing of the ladder
  • universally applicable
  • lockable

If you want to lift the ladders onto the roof a little more comfortably, we offer you individual solutions with our different lift systems to load and unload ladders.

Solution 2: SideLadder lift

Do you see importance to ergonomic working? Then the side ladder lift is just the thing for you! As an optional accessory to the TopSystem, you can use the lift, which can be mounted on both sides of the vehicle, to load and unload ladders onto the roof rack. In addition to the ergonomic handling, this is particularly practical in inner-city areas, as the ladders can be lifted up and down sideways and thus from the kerb when parked at the roadside. This means you have no space problem with vehicles parked behind you and can load and unload safely.

The advantages:

  • designed for vehicles up to a height of two metres
  • weatherproof and extremely durable thanks to high-quality materials
  • can be used flexibly due to the lateral loading and unloading of the ladder
  •  suitable for use in the city, since no space is needed behind the vehicle for unloading
  • designed for all common 1, 2 and 3 rung ladders
  • maximum ladder length up to 1.5 times the length of the TopSystem
  • crossbar spacing (1380 to 3000 millimetres)
  •  loadable up to 35 kilograms
  • Fully rubberised in the contact area, thus protecting the material

Video: The side ladder lift in action

Solution 3: Rear ladder lift

Working ergonomically despite heavy work loads does not have to be a contradiction – the rear ladder lift proves this. It takes ladders weighing up to 51 kilograms and supports you in getting the ladder onto the roof from the back of the vehicle, where it can be properly secured and transported.

The advantages:

  • available in lengths of 2500 and 3000 millimetres
  • can be loaded with up to 51 kilograms
  • pleasantly easy lifting of the ladder onto the roof thanks to the pressure cylinder
  • Load is secured comfortably and ergonomically when the ladder is lowered

Solution 4: Internal ladder lift

The transport solution for shorter ladders inside the load compartment: the internal ladder lift. With the ladder lift, you make the best possible use of the available space inside your van: the ladder is conveniently fixed and transported under the vehicle ceiling.

The advantages:

  • Space-saving and convenient installation under the vehicle ceiling in the “vehicle roof”
  • designed for aluminium double ladders up to 1.8 metres long and weighing up to 18 kilograms
  • fits in every commercial vehicle model

Contact us: Individual advice for your questions

Do you still have questions about the TopSystem or the ladder transport solutions? Our Sortimo team will be happy to help you in our branches and stations throughout Germany. Alternatively, the Sortimo Customer Service Centre will be happy to help you. You can find all contacts at: If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our blog post, please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you. You are also very welcome to recommend and share this post!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our blog post, please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you. You are also very welcome to recommend and share this post!

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