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6 good reasons that speak for individual tool tray inlays

Easily create individual tool inserts by yourself? You can do this now with the online configurator mySortimo inlay. In this article I give you six good reasons to discuss Sortimo's high-quality rigid foam inserts and how they can help you to be even more productive in your everyday work.

Whether professional or hobby craftsman, customer service employee or measurement technician – to carry out your professional activity and also in the home workshop, carry with you expensive tools and equipment that should not end up in the drawer or tool box quickly and unsorted after use.

There is hardly anything more annoying in everyday work than defective or lost tools. Even in front of the customer it can quickly become unprofessional if the right tool is not immediately at hand or is not functional due to improper storage. In order not to let it get this far, we developed mySortimo inlay. These are self-configurable foam inlays in which your tools and equipment can be stored and transported neatly, safely and in a well-structured manner.

Sure, foam inlays for tools and sensitive devices are not new. With mySortimo inlay, however, you have the option of configuring your own individual tool tray inlays for your BOXXes, your suitcase or the drawers of your van racking online. This means that you can create the inlay tailored to your requirements in every conceivable division and do not have to resort to pre-configured bulk goods.

To do this, you can photograph your own tools and devices that you want to place in the inlay and upload them to the configurator. Your tools are stored in your personal account and are therefore digitized for you and can be called up again and again. You can also select tools that have already been entered in the tool database.

mySortimo inlay is therefore aimed at professionals and hobby craftsmen who know exactly what they want and leave nothing to chance! Professionals who prefer order, structure and system in everyday work and who want to safely transport and store their valuable tools and sensitive equipment. For the best possible organization, you should calmly think in advance about which tools and equipment should be transported or stored in which BOXX or drawer, which of the tools and equipment are most often taken to the place of use, and which combination really makes sense thematically. Surely you have gained sufficient experience in everyday work, which tool sets are suitable for your applications.

Using individual tool tray inlays will make you significantly more productive and efficient. There are six good reasons for this:

1. Perfect overview

Whether in the drawer of your van racking or in the tool box – you know exactly where which tools are located and have the perfect overview. It only requires a specific movement to the right tool.

2. Reduced search times

Everything has its place, which means that long search times are clearly minimized. Not only does it work much more productively and efficiently, it goes without saying that it also gives the customer a professional impression.

3. Gentle handling and less forgetting

The mere fact that every piece of work equipment has a fixed and pre-formed place ensures that it is handled with much greater care. This prevents tools from being left lying around or carelessly thrown into the box. This means that tools and equipment can be used for a significantly longer time because they are better maintained.

On the other hand, it can also be difficult for them to get stuck. Because the two-tone foam inlay made of a blue base and black top layer, the missing tool immediately catches the eye when you leave the construction site, which is particularly important for activities that really do not leave anything behind, such as in the food industry or in the Aircraft construction.

Of course, this is also practical in other trades and industries, for example before starting work, when the teams change vehicles. In this way, the service technician or fitter can see in a few seconds whether all the tools in the in-vehicle equipment are complete or whether a part is missing before departure.

But the financial aspect is not to be neglected here either, because the damage or even the loss of expensive tools is not only annoying, it also costs you unnecessarily money in the new purchase. With mySortimo inlay you can extend the life of your high-priced tools and protect them from damage.

4. Faster set-up times

If you have ever thought about which tool sets you need for which type of use and then created and even labeled the mySortimo inlays, you can use the right insert as required. This means that your in-vehicle equipment can quickly be converted for another use. Replacing one insert with various tools for another is much faster than swapping in and out every single tool. Quite logical, isn’t it?
Incidentally, the clarity and structure that is automatically provided by the tool tray inlays also help every trainee and new employee to find their way quickly. This in turn saves you a lot of nerves.

5. Avoidance of materials carried twice

Just as the inlays ensure that working materials are not forgotten, they also ensure that they are not carried twice. Why? Because the hard foam inlays represent organizational aids for everyday work: Imagine a fully cleared drawer with unsorted tools. How long do you have to seek out whether you really have the right screwdriver with you?

How often does it happen that you just throw another one in the drawer to make sure that you have the right work material for use. Can you imagine how quickly such a van racking and the loading space can be packed with completely unnecessary weight? In addition, so many parts are often purchased twice and three times, although they are already unused several times in drawers.
It makes sense that a structured tool tray inlay can help here and save money, right?

6. Ergonomics

The structure in the vehicle and product features, such as the integrated recessed grips, ensure that tools can be removed quickly, easily and ergonomically.

Not to forget: your 3 special mySortimo advantages

Advantage #1:

The mySortimo inlays are available from quantity 1 in your individual configuration and at a fixed price – no matter how many tools or devices you want to integrate. You only pay the one-time price for the deposit.

Advantage #2:

The tool tray inlays you have created are stored in your personal account on mySortimo so that you can easily reorder or adjust them at any time. This is particularly useful when purchasing a new BOXX or another vehicle, since you can order the required tool inlay with just one click.

Advantage #3:

Of course, you also have the option of equipping the drawers and SR drawers of your SR5 or Globelyst4 van racking and the WorkMos that are already in use with tool tray inlays. To do this, simply select the “SR drawer”, “drawer GL4”, “drawer SR5” or “WorkMo” option in the configurator in the first step and off you go.

Are you curious? Try it out yourself and configure your own individual tool tray inlay!

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