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oBTImal partnership

A unique cooperation model, which enables customers of both companies to meet oBTImale requirements in their daily work.

If everything goes with everything, then we’re talking about Sortimo EcoSystem. EcoSystem because it not only means that all Sortimo products are compatible with each other, but also that the products of our partners are optimally integrated into the van racking.

But with BTI Befestigungstechnik GmbH Sortimo went one step further:

As traditional companies and leading suppliers in their respective segments, BTI and Sortimo have given a great deal of thought to how they can unite and work in partnership to achieve their common goal of making their customers’ everyday working lives as easy as possible.

This has given rise to a unique idea that combines the expertise and joint strengths of both companies in a unique refinancing model.

Our customers now receive everything from a single source, perfectly coordinated by the respective specialists.

Andreas Krebs Managing Director BTI Befestigungstechnik GmbH

The idea of refinancing Sortimo in-vehicle equipment via BTI sales is absolutely unique on the market. The customer benefits here twice over:

BTI takes over the financing of Sortimo van racking, which enables optimal organisation of the loading space in the van. BTI products are safely, quickly and flexibly stored in Sortimo’s high-quality shelving systems. This makes a craftsman’s daily work much easier and gives him a lot of freedom thanks to the Sortimo EcoSystem and the compatibility it offers.

Our customers can be sure to receive the most innovative solution on the market.

Reinhold Braun Managing Director Sortimo International GmbH

What advantages does the unique partnership between BTI and Sortimo also offer YOU? This is best explained to you by the managing directors of the two companies in the following video:

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