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WorkMo 24-750 set 4 including Bosch cordless screwdriver

Ref. No.:  1000010769 | Match code: OS 4 WO 24-750
  • mobile workplace
  • including Bosch cordless screwdriver
  • maximum flexibility in day-to-day working
  • practical complete package
  • problem-free, flexible and quick working
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Product details

This WorkMo set offers a maximum of flexibility in day-to-day working. Because the BOXXes in the system can be exchanged in a flexible manner - this means that you can adapt the equipment on your WorkMo to suit the activity involved. The highlight: The package includes a Bosch GSR 18 V-EC WLC cordless screwdriver.

The components in detail:

- 1 x roller plate 24: The four castors rollers make your WorkMo mobile - and two fixing rollers guarantee secure location for working. With a maximum load capacity of 120 kg and its complete tarpaulin cover, the roller plate is also the ideal aid for the most varied of transport activities. The two single lashing points integrated in the plate also allow fixing down of objects to be transported.

- 1 x WorkMo 24-750 with 8 service case rails: This WorkMo is equipped with 8 service case rails onto which BOXXes and cases can be safely stowed. This means that a maximum of three L-BOXXes 136 and one L-BOXX 102 have space in the WorkMo.

- 1x Bosch L-BOXX 136 including Bosch GSR 18 V-EC WLC: The Bosch cordless drill GSR 18 V-EC has the most varied of innovative functions. Bosch is setting new directions, including in the field of charging: The Wireless Charging System makes battery charging without wires possible. The charging process starts immediately after placing the battery on the charging station. The battery can stay in the unit when doing this, of course. Simply place the screwdriver on the charger in working breaks and the idea of battery replacement becomes a thing of the past. In addition, it has a wide range of additional functions, such as the KickBack Control and the Electronic Cell Protection that protects battery from overload and over-heating.

Tip: The battery can also be charged when travelling using the special insert in the L-BOXX in combination with a L-BOXX Wireless Charging Bay. This means that surprises caused by flat batteries on the building site are a thing of the past.

Integrating the cordless screwdriver in the L-BOXX means that its full functionality is available. For example, the innovative click system which is used to click together several BOXXes to form a unit, or the full compatibility with the Sortimo van racking systems.

- 2 x L-BOXX 136 and 1 x L-BOXX 102: Your tools, materials, customer samples and work utensils can be transported in a safe and organised manner to every place of operation in our sturdy L-BOXXes . The individual equipment possibilities mean that the L-BOXXes can be adapted to the most varied of requirements. Assemble assortments for various different activities and decide, in a flexible way, which BOXXes you want to stow in your WorkMo.

- 1 x worktop WorkMo 24: This supplements the mobile worktop. The worktop can be mounted and removed again with its quick release adapter. The solid beech Multiplex worktop allows smaller activities to be carried out conveniently and safely - whether at home, in the workshop or on your travels at the building site.


Note: The figure shows a configuration suggestion for the individual components. The arranged can be varied.

The WorkMo Module consists of weight optimised Aluminium and Plastic and they can be combined and coupled with each other. They can be very simply transformed into a mobile workstation at your workplace and enable you to work ergonomically anywhere you may be. The WorkMo also serves as a practical mobile workshop within your workshop, wherein tools and work utensils can be stored. The extensive accessories programme provides a multitude of possibilities for adapting the WorkMo to your individual requirements. The system is made mobile by the addition to the WorkMo of the roller board or roller adapter.

(pictures are similar, decorative material not included; delivery only within UK and Ireland)

Technical Details
Technical details
Maximum capacity in kg 100
Grid width 2
Grid depth 4
Weight 26,1 kg
Maximum lid capacity in kg 100
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