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WorkMo Sets: Mobile workshops available as a complete set

The flexible Sortimo WorkMo workstation offers you a complete mobile workshop set for different trades. The multifunctional ‘workmate’ provides for greater mobility and efficient storage in your daily work processes. The preconfigured work bench can be flexibly used mobile in your workshop, vehicle and on site. Save valuable time by selecting your preconfigured work bench. The different WorkMo sets are designed to meet individual working needs and offer the right mobile workstation for every trade.

Preconfigured solutions for greater flexibility

The stackable modules and wide range of different components enable you to put together your portable WorkMo set individually. Our ready-combined WorkMo sets offer you preconfigured complete sets for your mobile workshop. The combined sets include mobile work benches and portable storage options– ensuring you always find the most suitable complete solution. What is more, additional WorkMo accessories ensure maximum individuality of your mobile workshop.

The complete set – your mobile workshop for every workplace

The practical tool trays and perforated tool strips ensure that all your tools are safely stowed away and always immediately to hand. Another set offers a handy work table with side worktops at and on which you can make last-minute adjustments to your materials – any place and any time. The right-angled worktops also offer a wealth of possibilities for fixing your tools with screw clamps contained in the set. Use your WorkMo as a functional and individual complete portable workshop set. The complete set with universal cabinet is ideal for anyone who needs to store something securely, as the cabinet door can be securely locked. A further module with three drawers is perfect for organising your tools and materials. Thanks to a coupling mechanism, the tool tray can be flexibly fastened on the WorkMo ensuring that your tools are always ready to hand. The side panel accessories and roller adapters transform your preconfigured work bench into a fully portable unit.

The functional and space-saving work bench

The complete package including perforated work table, made of beech wood multiplex, and complete with tensioning devices offers you a fully equipped preconfigured work bench for professional and portable working. The spacious module with two drawers and a MultiSlide including L-BOXXes G4/G ensures that there is sufficient storage space for all your equipment and materials. The second module contains four T-BOXXes G, simplifying the organisation and arrangement of your smaller components. Screw clamps and accessories for the aluminium side walls, including a power supply, simplify each and every job.

The perfect transport set for all your materials

The various WorkMo sets are either equipped with practical Roller trolley plates, which can be effortlessly fixed to the individual modules by an integral connecting lever, or include fixed roller adapters. Use the space-saving AluCaddy to efficiently transport your WorkMo, as well as bulky goods, to your place of work.

Combine your Sortimo WorkMo Sets online

Your WorkMo precisely meets the everyday needs of your work. As a made-to-measure ‘workmate’, it has many multifunctional uses and is also portable. The preconfigured complete sets not only save time in selecting the modules, but also represent cost-effective offers from as little as £ 235.00. Use the Product Finder to find precisely the WorkMo set tailored to your needs and requirements. You’ll find the right complete set for your preconfigured work bench in the Sortimo online shop. We’d be happy to answer any questions about our products by phone or email at any time.