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Nov 4, 2021

Retain and win employees with team clothing

A lack of qualified personnel is the buzzword that has become the biggest problem in the skilled crafts sector for years and is a serious concern for the flourishing industry. One aspect to be seen as an attractive employer and to create more desirability for the skilled crafts sector as a whole is the external image, which every company can influence itself. A simple aid here is team clothing in the corporate design. This is a means by which every company can set itself apart from the masses, retain employees and attract new staff.

Marketing services from Sortimo – everything from one source

Sortimo International GmbH has made it its business to offer its customers as many services as possible around their commercial vehicle from one source. This also includes marketing services for the trade and the service sector. For this reason, in addition to mobile advertising in the form of vehicle wraps, the company now also offers team clothing that can be embroidered with individual logos and texts, thus helping companies to become unique. The synchronised design of vehicle wraps and team clothing has great advantages in terms of customer impact and can be handled quickly and efficiently via an account on the mySortimo platform.

High-quality team clothing for high-quality employees

The skilled trades are far more affected by the shortage of skilled workers than other sectors. For example, the latest study (May 2021) by the Competence Centre for Securing Skilled Workers once again showed that the skilled trades still have an image problem among young people. This is despite the fact that the Corona crisis has made it clear that the skilled crafts sector is crisis-proof and thus gives young people security when planning their careers. In order to make the sector more attractive again, every company can take a step by doing something good for its employees and, incidentally, by advertising its own company and the entire segment. Equipping employees with high-quality team clothing is one element of this. 

Appreciation is conveyed to one's own employees with functional team clothing, which leads to increased satisfaction and a good team atmosphere in the company. The positive effects of a satisfied workforce are reflected in the daily work. The employees also communicate their satisfaction to customers and, above all, to their acquaintances. A factor that should not be underestimated is recommendation, which not only helps to attract skilled workers, but also motivates young people to learn a trade.  

In addition, individual and unmistakable company clothing embodies the corporate identity of every company in public, i.e. it is the "textile business card" to the outside world and thus increases the awareness and image of the company. For this reason Sortimo, as a reliable partner of the trade, has taken on the topic of team clothing. What is unique about this new line of business is, on the one hand, the high quality of the clothing and, on the other hand, the Sortimo model of the online platform through which orders can be placed within a very short time and can be re-ordered at any time.  

Schöffel and Sortimo – two strong partners for the all-round best customer experience

The product portfolio includes functional softshell, fleece, Ventloft and outdoor jackets as well as trousers and polo shirts from the premium brand Schöffel. Freedom of movement, functionality and protection are the characteristics that distinguish each and every product from one of Bavaria's oldest family-run companies, and make the clothing exceptionally desirable. In 1967, Schöffel struck a chord and expanded the company. A few years later, in 1973, the founder of Sortimo, Herbert Dischinger, also created filing systems for craftsmen with his pioneering spirit and started the success story of the market leader for van racking in the same region – in the district of Augsburg. In 2020, both companies combined their competences to create a solution for craftsmen that is characterised by exceptional quality and the best customer experience, and is now, in 2021, available.

Quality of the clothing

As the market leader, the Schöffel brand has decades of expertise in the field of functional outdoor clothing. Schöffel is one of the few large clothing companies in Germany that still trains tailors and has the entire collection developed in-house, from design to series production. New products are developed with great attention to detail and high-tech materials are tested. Ski schools, the police and many other companies already use Schöffel's protective clothing for punishing missions. The product portfolio which Sortimo and Schöffel have jointly selected for the trade comes from the Professional Wear Manufaktur and consists on the one hand of the ProBusiness ZipIn! line and the ProBusiness line. The product lines offer sporty, fashionable textiles for the construction site, field service or business trips. 

ProBusiness ZipIn!: Different inner jackets (fleece jackets, Ventloft jackets) can easily be zipped into an outer jacket. This means that the wind- and waterproof outer jackets can be optimally upgraded with inner jackets and waistcoats made of down, PrimaLoft® Black Eco and fleece. Craftsmen can zip in the right inner jacket depending on their needs and the weather, and they are ready for any weather: windproof, waterproof and warm – all day long. Of course, each individual garment is designed to provide the best functionality on its own.

ProBusiness: The ProBusiness line extends the portfolio to include softshell jackets, polo shirts and trousers.

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Schöffel produces under fair conditions and with the highest sense of responsibility. The clothing is also free from ecologically harmful PFCs. 

mySortimo wear – individualised clothing in just a few steps

The innovation is that the high-quality clothing can be customised with the company's own branding in just a few steps. For this purpose Sortimo has developed a configurator on its online platform which allows the user to place company logos on specified areas. Up to five areas can be used per garment to present one's own company message. This can be a logo, the company's contact details or even the individual names of each employee. The first logo area is always included in the Sortimo price. If more than one logo space is chosen, the largest space is always included in the price.

The quality companies Schöffel and Sortimo use embroidery to ensure that the branding lasts just as long as the clothing. In contrast to printing, the embroidery is unlikely to wash out. A separate embroidery programme is written for each logo, which also makes it possible to reproduce corporate graphics. For this reason, a minimum order of ten pieces is required for the first order, where colours and shapes can be freely chosen. Repeat orders are possible from one piece, as the programming already exists. 

Special colours can be mapped and specified in the configurator due to an enormous yarn colour selection. To ensure one hundred percent accuracy, an embroidery sample of each embroidery area is sent to each customer before production with the request to check colour and shape. Only after approval does the production of the team clothing take place. This is delivered to the company within ten days. 

Best customer experience – from selection to use

Interested parties can select clothing online at mySortimo.de/wear. Product descriptions, pictures and size charts help to make the right choice. But to make sure it fits every employee, Sortimo offers a free fitting service. Using the online form, the garments can be ordered in the desired sizes to be tried on at the company. After 14 days Sortimo will organise the collection so that the customer does not have to make any journeys. 

The online configuration of the company clothing is child's play. If you have any questions, the Sortimo team is always there to help. Likewise, every configuration is checked by the Sortimo graphics team so that mistakes can be ruled out right from the start. 

For absolute security, the customer is also sent approval samples of each individual embroidery area before production starts to check the shape and colour of the embroidery. Only after confirmation that everything is correct is production started. Only ten days after approval, the customer already has his team clothing in the company. 

In addition, the mySortimo platform is an absolutely unique selling point. Because here the customer can manage his wardrobe, in which every design and every order is saved. If an item of clothing needs to be reordered for a new employee, for example, this can be done with just a few clicks and within a very short time. The mySortimo platform offers its customers a uniquely simple and fast processing and management of their garments.

In the end, the most emotional experience is seeing a happy team in their company clothing and being able to feel the benefits of functional team clothing in many ways every day. 

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