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Jan 21, 2020

Additional XL Drawer sizes available

Sortimo International GmbH has extended its “Jumbo-Unit” range, now offering additional widths and system depths of XL Drawers. The new sizes ensure that the use of the available storage space in all common van classes can be maximised, providing excellent added value in the mobile day-to-day working life of tradespeople. Thanks to their extremely sturdy design and excellent load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg, the Jumbo-Units offer tradespeople and service technicians the option of simply, quickly and securely storing heavy equipment and bulky cargo in their vehicle. The Jumbo-Units can now also be ordered online from Sortimo at www.mySortimo.de/en.

Sortimo has now extended its compact XL Drawer product range, offering its customers an extended range of Jumbo-Unit sizes to provide them with even greater added value in their day-to-day work. The new system depths 14 (1409.4 mm) and 16 (1617.4 mm), as well as a new body height with 21 grids (357 mm), are now immediately available for tradespeople. The new width 2.5 (612.4 mm) means that the load compartment can be utilised to even better effect, ensuring maximum and effective use of it in all van classes.

The XL drawers can be fitted lengthwise and crosswise in the vehicle for flexible use. Extremely strong telescopic slides with a wide pull-out ensure ergonomic loading and unloading through the vehicle tailgate or side door. This enables heavy equipment and bulky loads weighing up to 100 kg to be compactly and securely stored in the XL Drawers without the tradesperson needing to climb into the vehicle. Apart from the simple ease of use, large drawer fronts also provide quick access to the contents, even when wearing work gloves.

If the Jumbo-Unit is used as an underfloor solution, it can be covered by a Sortimo floor and thus flexibly and easily combined with a van racking system or WorkMo in the load compartment. This version forms an additional level in the load compartment of commercial vehicles.

The stand-alone version provides the option of fitting the XL Drawer with a covering tray or topper. The Jumbo-Units can also be fitted on top of each other to provide even more storage space. Depending on the purpose of the van, the remaining load compartment can be flexibly used and ideally combined with a van racking system, among other options.

Extending the Jumbo-Unit product range has resulted in the Sortimo original accessories portfolio, including covering trays, toppers and tool mats, also being adapted to the new widths and depths. The newly available dividers further significantly increase the benefits of the XL Drawers, creating maximum possible transparency and order, thanks to the flexible organisational options.

Sortimo customers now have the option of buying the Jumbo-Units online on the mySortimo platform or at www.mySortimo.de/en.

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