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ProCargo CT1
The most lightweight and environmentally-friendly commercial vehicle

Urbanisation, the rise in services and particulate pollution in urban spaces need us to change our approach to find alternative drives and new modes of transport. The solution: The ProCargo CT1 cargo bike, which combines the load-carrying ability of a small commercial vehicle with the manoeuvrability and flexibility of a bike.

Body systems

Body solutions for the ProCargo CT1 ensure orderly, weatherproof and secure transport of your tools, packages or goods.

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ProCargo CT1

The Sortimo cargo bike with electric motor is available in two lengths and provides excellent load-carrying capacity without the annoying need to search for a parking space.

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Ensurer greater comfort and safety for you and your employees during the working day and in urban traffic with practical accessories.

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More flexibility. More time. Better image.

State-of-the-art engineering

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ProCargo CT1:
What our customers say


For some time we have been looking for a sustainable approach to mobility in large-scale power plants, for instance run by network operators, and are thrilled that we have found an innovative solution that meets our high expectations in the Sortimo ProCargo CT1 cargo bike. On the one hand, it represents a means of transporting tools, and on the other, of complying with the exacting safety standards we have to meet in internal traffic.

Patrick Lausch,
Security Department Manger at ISS VSG GmbH

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Learn more about the ProCargo CT1 cargo bike in our brochure: Background information, technical data, add-on solutions and the extensive accessories are presented clearly.

The operating instructions contain important information which will increase safety, ensure a long service life of the pedelec and enhance your riding experience with the ProCargo CT1.

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Operating instructions
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