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Sortimo WorkMo.
The mobile workplace

The WorkMo can be assembled individually thanks to its modularity and can be used in any situation you can think of: as a mobile work bench, as a workshop trolley, as workshop shelves, as transport equipment and as a mobile workplace.


The modules with their different widths and heights mean that the WorkMo can be assembled in accordance with individual requirements and adapted at any time.

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Worktops, roller boards and other practical accessories complete the WorkMo for the respective application.

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WorkMo Sets

WorkMo Sets facilitate the selection, as the modules are already assembled for different purposes.

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The individual WorkMo modules can be combined flexibly to suit the application. Using comprehensive accessories, such as worktops, roller panels and perforated aluminium grids, the WorkMo can be extended at will to suit the application to create application-matched and transportable workplaces for the workshop and building site. The WorkMo is also made unique by its compatibility with the Sortimo BOXXes programme. Various organisational solutions offer storage space for small parts and tools of all kinds. Diverse BOXX partnerships with suppliers of power and electric tools and mounting and fastening materials mean that full system compatibility is a given.
Click, couple, everything fits together - you can’t get more productive!

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The right solution for all applications.

Multi-functional. Versatile. Flexible.

The WorkMo principle.

Organising. Transporting. Working.
Professional and flexible in your working day
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What our customers say
The best aspect is that we are so mobile, because the WorkMo can simply be taken out of the vehicle and set up, and the worktop added, literally in a mo! That means I have a complete work station with all the tools I need on site. We used to work with two wooden trestles. The Sortimo solution is perfect, it’s absolutely sturdy, and my workplace is always exactly where I want it. On building sites where I need to stay for several days, I can leave my workplace set up just where it is.
Tobias Langenmair
Joinery Langenmair