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Fahrzeugeinrichtungen von Sortimo – Weit mehr als nur ein Fahrzeugregal.

Everything at hand! Vehicle racks from Sortimo

Why Sortimo? Vehicle racks are mobile organisation systems. Once installed, you profit: through efficiency and productivity.

Vehicle shelves are more than functional furniture components within vans. The highlight of vehicle racks and filing systems lies in the dynamics of daily work practice. In every industry the following has always been true: time is money. If you want to take this insight seriously as a road map, there is no way around professional shelving systems. But you can only be quick if spare parts, components or screws and tools are immediately at hand. Sortimo's in-vehicle racking systems do just that: Clarity, clarity and transparency. If everything is right at hand, you and your employees will increase productivity. And not only that. Improperly installed in-vehicle equipment can turn components and tools into dangerous projectiles during fast-paced journeys and sharp braking manoeuvres. Sortimo plays it safe during such manoeuvres and not only prevents damage but also provides an improved sense of safety that pays off.

Sortimo - On the road to success

In-vehicle racks from Sortimo are worthwhile: We deliver productive safety and transparency in one system.
mySortimo: The full service for your commercial vehicle

Which in-vehicle racks are available from Sortimo?


SR5 - Order in a new generation

The Sortimo SR5 range of van shelving is the fifth major launch in our many years of experience with van shelving. As a mobility system, the SR5 shelving system is the result of 45 years of sophisticated optimisation and expansion. Its goal was and is the industry-specific possibility of custom configuration. Therefore, we translate the proven SR-System into the mySortimo-configuration-Tool to guarantee customized solutions for you. Typical for Sortimo is the high variance of vehicles which you can equip with the SR5 vehicle rack system. Our shelving system is compatible with vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Fiat, MAN or Renault. You choose your industry and get tailor-made solutions for your business and your transporter. Even the details are taken into consideration. You can put together all compatible Sortimo components such as BOXXes or shelves according to your wishes online. In this way you'll be able to achieve the productivity boost you need in your daily work right from the start. Optimised use of loading space, cross-module clarity and improved organisation of tools, components and parts.

Ulrich Reitenberger Bau GmbH will show you how quick and easy it is to position the van racking system perfectly in the loading space,
starting from the first idea:

Globelyst4 - Security and flexibility

Globelyst4, as a basic vehicle rack, guarantees everything Sortimo needs when designing mobile equipment. Modularity, simplicity and structure. The Globelyst4 in-vehicle equipment achieves the goal of defined work processes using a wide range of components from Sortimo. One of these is the Sortimo BOXXen system which allows you to create a flexible combination of storage and transport options using machine and tool cases, transport boxes or inset boxes. You can also benefit from long goods trays (e.g. for bars or tubes), shelves and shelving or lift flaps for storing bulky objects. One safety aspect is the integrated ProSafe load securing system, which allows for uncomplicated and quick lashing and securing of transported goods by simply attaching it directly to posts or crossbars of the furnishing system. Even bulky goods can be easily lashed down in this way. Just as you design your Globelyst4 in-vehicle equipment: You will not only benefit from a better overview, but also from a more professional external appearance. Your customers will appreciate structure and presence.​​​​​​​

Xpress Shelves - Proven configurations for your vehicle
Quickly available at an attractive price-performance ratio
The Xpress shelves have been developed from best-practice examples of our customers and are therefore already proven. Due to the popularity, we always have these racks in stock, which makes them quickly available. For each type of vehicle there is a choice of basic and pro racks for the right and left side of the cargo area.
Sortimo Xpress: pre-configured van rackings for commercial vehicles

FR5 – The flexible racking system

Digitization revolutionized the retail industry. And online shopping radically changed the parcel and courier business. If you want to take these changes into account as a service provider, simply rely on the in-vehicle equipment from the FR5 series. These are aimed at express delivery staff, courier drivers or parcel service providers. In contrast to the SR5 or Globelyst4 systems, the focus is less on robust solutions for industry and trade and more on shelves with folding function including individually adjustable angle of inclination. Parcels of any size can thus be accommodated with a perfect fit. In principle, a combination of the FR5 and SR5 systems is possible: You can mount the parcel system on one vehicle wall and the handicraft-oriented SR5 system on the other.

Frequently asked questions regarding van shelving

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Vehicle racks from Sortimo

The requirements you have for vehicle racks always depend on the industry in which you operate. In order to meet individual, practical and technical requirements, we have translated our existing expertise on racking systems into our online configuration tool in a user-friendly manner. What we have designed and successfully implemented over the years, you can now reproduce yourself in a wide variety of variations. Sortimo is therefore worthwhile in any case. Our solutions are sustainable, stable and flexible. They are suitable for established companies as well as for small businesses that want to successively improve processes, structures and facilities.

​​​​​​​Professional shelving systems also simplify other areas of work: Thanks to the increased clarity and transparency, you benefit when purchasing materials, since fewer losses are incurred. In addition, utensils, accessories and components are less affected by braking maneuvers and therefore perform their service longer. In addition, special trips to collect accessories or spare parts will be less frequent from now on. Reliability and clarity also have a positive effect on your employees. Satisfaction is greater where nothing has to fly around, search and find. The BOXXen system also improves your external image, as customers appreciate the structure of your tool shelf and the resulting availability.

When you choose a Sortimo in-vehicle shelf, you're also opting for cross-industry expertise. Because developing in-vehicle equipment to high standards requires cooperation. That's why we cooperate with all well-known car manufacturers. On the other hand, when it comes to shelves it's always about compatibility with tool manufacturers. We also realize this through cooperation with Bosch, Gedore, Hilti and other manufacturers. So that your professionalism always goes with you.

As you can see: Sortimo in-vehicle racks do more than the first impression suggests. If you rely on solid in-vehicle equipment, you can realize efficiencies and faster workflows. Beyond these economic advantages Sortimo also offers a high level of safety. This guarantees that passengers are not injured even during braking manoeuvres, rough steering movements or accidents. This is why the safety promise is part of Sortimo's corporate identity.

We know different industries and know what is important: construction companies, sanitary, heating & air conditioning, painters & varnishers or electricians. What you need, we know from years of practical experience. What you want individually, you can design comfortably via the online configurator. This is how we find together productively.

Do you have questions or suggestions? We are happy to advise you. You can get started immediately - via our online configurator for vehicle racks.