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ProClick Tool Bags and tool belt

ProClick consists of tool bags and a tool belt which, when combined, are ideal for the everyday tasks of tradespeople in every industry. The system allows work materials to be transported directly via the person. This is a real relief, especially on the ladder, scaffolding and when working overhead. Because everything you need is available with one movement in the tool pouches attached to the tool belt.   

ProClick Toolbags

Practical organizational helpers for transporting and accessing tools on the body.

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ProClick Toolbelt

The toolbelt can be supplemented with practical tool bags via the ProClick Holder: your hands remain free.

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ProClick Sets

At a special price: the sets offer basic combinations with which you can get started right away.

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ProClick Tooltray

The all-rounder is a practical organization solution that also serves as a carrier for tool bags.

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ProClick Tool Card

The flat and open design offers space for up to six tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers or pins.

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ProClick Hammer Holder

Hammers or even other short-handled tools are always stowed efficiently and within easy reach.

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ProClick Device Bag

Smartphones or other devices can be safely stowed and transported on the body or on any other ProClick interface.

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ProClick Shoulder Strap

Distributes the weight of the ProClick tool belt optimally and thus supports ergonomic working.

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ProClick Toolbags – Unlimited possibilities with one Click

One click:

The system of the tool bag and tool belt consists of two essential elements: The ProClick Holder and the hook. If you bring the two together, it "clicks" once, which means that the hook is locked and securely fixed.
Unlimited possibilities:

The ProClick system is used in almost all everyday work situations. The tool bags can be attached with hooks not only in the ProClick Holder, but also in the well-known Sortimo ProSafe. This allows the ProClick products to be used as accessories in our SR5 and Globelyst racking solutions via the prosafe intergration. The Sortimo vehicle equipment serves as a practical storage system for the ProClick Tool Bags, which are taken to the place of use using the tool belt.

ProClick seamless integrated in the Sortimo EcoSystem

The ProClick system is not only made for mobile work, but a system that fits seamlessly into the Sortimo EcoSystem. The tool bags are compatible with carrier containers such as the tool carrier, the C-BOXX or the AutoAssistant thanks to their integrated hooks. With these Sortimo products, ProClick Tool Bags can be ideally securely transported in the vehicle and taken to the place of use.

The ProClick Tool Bags also fit into the ProSafe load securing rails. For example in the SR5 ProSafe side profile. Here the tool bags and other SR5 accessories can be hung directly into the ProSafe rail without any further fastening.

Workflow made easy with toolbags from Sortimo

Arriving: At the place of use, the belt can be equipped with the bags that have been transported and filled with the vehicle equipment.
Working: Carrying the tools on the hip allows ergonomic work
Storage: After the work is done, either the entire belt can be removed and stowed in the vehicle equipment or the individual bags can be quickly and safely hooked back into the SR5 side profile or the Globelyst ProSafe post.
Transport: Now you can safely start your journey to the next deployment site or after work.

ProClick - compatible with in-vehicle equipment

ProClick im Globelyst4
Tool Bags ProClick: iF Design Award + Plus X Award

Product information about ProClick

In the brochure you will find further product information and suitable accessories.
Tool Bags ProClick
2,46 MB

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about ProClick Tool Bags

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The ProClick System

​ProClick Holder – the base of the system

The ProClick Holder holds all ProClick tool bags. Not only Sortimo uses the ProClick system, but these practical tool bags are sold worldwide to tool and consumables manufacturers and dealers by the joint venture BS Systems, a subsidiary of Sortimo and Bosch. What is unique is that they all use the same principle of the hook and holder. This means that all ProClick products remain compatible with one another, regardless of the brand. Incidentally, the ProClick Holder can be attached to any commercially available belt.

ProClick Bags

The ProClick bags are available in various sizes and designs and made of a robust polyester. The tool bags are equipped with practical dividers, loops and holders so that tools and consumables have a fixed place and are easy to grip. In contrast trouser pockets, the ProClick pockets allow a perfect overview of work materials and can be pre-sorted according to application. The reflective strips on the side make you visible even in the dark and offer additional protection - especially in the dark winter months.

​​​​​​ProClick Tool Belt

The ProClick holders are clicked into the tool belt, making it possible to transport tools and work materials directly on the person. The ProClick holders can be flexibly clamped in and out as required. It is operated by quickly clicking in and releasing it again by pressing a button. The integrated padding of the tool belt and the robust structure allow tools to be carried comfortably on the hips and back-friendly.

The ProClick tool bags can be prepackaged for use and, depending on the application, clicked onto the tool belt. In contrast to the usual way of stowing work materials and tools in trouser pockets, the tool belt offers a clear sorting of consumables and tools. In addition, the tool bags attached to the belt enable easy handling thanks to their good sorting and quick accessibility. Even when working overhead - on a ladder or on a scaffold - an enormous time saving is possible in addition to the increased safety factor because it saves getting on and off.
​​​​​​​By the way: when using the ProClick belt, you save yourself having to put your trouser pockets in and out. Tools and work materials remain where they belong and cannot accidentally find themselves in the work trousers in the evening.​