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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Key questions and answers at a glance.


Can I order from Sortimo as a private individual as well?
Where can I find Sortimo sales literature?
How do I subscribe to the Sortimo newsletter?

How do I unsubscribe from the Sortimo newsletter?

With which data protection standards does Sortimo comply?
To what extent does Sortimo conform to compliance?
How can I apply to Sortimo?

Van racking systems


Why is there a new van racking system?

Can I assemble and install a van racking system myself?

For which vehicle makes does Sortimo offer van racking systems?

What advantages does van racking offer me?
How will the safety of van rackings and passenger protection be ensured?
How can I customise the van racking for my vehicle?
What types of van rackings are there?
How can a van racking increase my employee's productivity?
Where and how are Sortimo van rackings produced?
What are the dangers of a self-built van racking?
What are the disadvantages of a wooden van racking?

Van racking and decal configurators

mySortimo van racking configurator


How do I complain in the event of defects?

Can I re-order spare parts/a configured van racking system, e.g. for another vehicle?
My type/make of vehicle is not included in the configurator. What can I do?

mySortimo graphics decal configurator

Why should I invest in vehicle decals? What's the benefit?
What special considerations are there for designing vehicle decals?
Why mySortimo graphics?


First Steps
My orders

How do I create a mySortimo account?

How are my personal details used?
What do I do when I have forgotten my password?
How can I change my access data and adress?

How can I change my access data and adress?



How do I reach Sortimo?

How do I access the Contact Form?
Who is my Sortimo contact?
Where can I find a Sortimo branch office or station in my area?
In which countries does Sortimo have international representation?

Leasing & Financing

Leasing & Financing
Can I also lease my Sortimo van racking?
Can I also finance my Sortimo van racking?
Is there a minimum value for the lease?
What term options does Sortimo offer for leasing van racking?
Who owns the van racking after leasing?
I decided to lease my Sortimo van racking How is the settlement done?


Adhesive labels / mySortimo labels
Floor / Wall
Load securing
BOXXes & Cases
Spare Parts
How can I print on the adhesive labels?
How do I sensibly allocate a colour code?

How can I print on the adhesive labels?