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mySortimo inlay Konfigurator: individuelle Schaumstoffeinlagen

Improved Productivity. Better Profitability.

mySortimo inlay allows you to configure optimum tool tray inlays for your Sortimo products.
To ensure an ideal function, you should open the configurator on your desktop PC or laptop and in the browsers Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
Inlay Configurator
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Create your individual tool tray inlay in a couple of steps with the mySortimo inlay Configurator.

Made-to-measure perfectly fitted foam inlays can be created in the configurator in just a few steps.

Simply record your existing tools on your smartphone or digital camera and design the interior of the container using various alignment and positioning functions. You can manage the foam inserts in your mySortimo account, where you can save, adjust or reorder mySortimo inlays. 
To ensure an ideal function, you should open the configurator on your desktop PC or laptop and in the browsers Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
Step by step - how it works:

mySortimo inlay:
What our customers say

Since the socket wrenches are almost always used in complete boxes, the new tool insert is an extremely useful extension for me. So I always have the extensions in my L-BOXX with me and they are protected inside. I had no problems designing the insert in the configurator. If you follow the individual steps, the configurator is simple and definitely recommended.
Malte Beutler
Beutler Fire protection + safety engineering

mySortimo inlay Photo templates

Conveniently download, print and start right away

Simply download your preferred photo underlay and print out the pdf. Set your printing settings to print at 100% scale. The printout will then have the true size in relation to the BOXXes and you can start ‘equipping’ it. For safety, we have inserted a measure of control on the pressure pad at the top - just measure. If this is correct, you can immediately start digitizing your tools and devices. 

Template for A4 printer
1,19 MB
Template for A3 printer
900 KB
Photo template by mail delivery

Alternatively, we can send you the corresponding print template by post. To order this, fill out the form in which you leave us your address. Some days later you will find the photo template in your mailbox.

Help & FAQ regarding tool tray inlays

What is the smallest radius that can be cut?
What is the smallest width that can be cut?
How deep is it possible to cut?
How precisely fitting is the cut ‘pocket’?
What are the maximum foam dimensions?
Are there different types of foam?
Can I laser words into the foam?
How dimensionally stable are the rigid foams used by Sortimo?
What are the degassing and migration values?
Are there other alternatives apart from the foams specified in the configurator?
What is the standard delivery time?
Can I reorder configured foam inlays?
Any questions?

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions regarding the configurator, the photo templates or the product "mySortimo inlay". Simply fill out the form below and a Sortimo expert will contact you and clarify any questions.