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Sep 19, 2018

Optimised workplace organisation

Sortimo International presents diverse possibilities at the IAA commercial Vehicles 2018, which enable an optimised workplace organisation through structure and standardisation and thus contribute markedly to increased efficiency of the mobile day-to-day-work. For this, Sortimo has integrated into their products and service portfolio the 5S-method originating from Japan, which aims to bring optimisation into the workplace concerning workflows through organisation and cleanliness in order to enable maximum productivity for tradesmen and service technicians.

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 Sortimo presents possibilities for optimum workplace organisation to the Trade Fair visitors, which can be realised by means of simple organisation and a good overview of tools and materials using self-configurable tool inlays. The foam inlays provide the great benefit of a structured and organised stowage of high quality tools and provide for quick, simple and ergonomic removal thanks to the integrated recessed grip. It is possible to immediately recognise missing tools due to the two-coloured finish of the inlay. Forgetting tools at the place of operation or at the workshop is now a thing of the past.

Sortimo has made it possible that the inlay can be configured in such a way that the user can individually put it together to completely meet their needs. The format of the inlay matches the Sortimo Insetboxes modular grid, consequently the tool inlays can be completely individually combined with the Insetboxes for improved organisation and increased productivity. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 Sortimo will display a showcase of the online-service mySortimo inlays, showing exactly how the tool inlay can be configured to meet the precise requirements of the customer.

Sortimo has perfected the organisation of the work environment with mySortimo labels both in the vehicle and in the workshop. As using the labels Sortimo BOXXes, Cases, Insetboxes and standard shelves can be individually labelled and can be provided with an additional colour code for optical identification and differentiation. mySortimo labels enable quicker access to the contents due to a better overview and at the same time give an organised impression in the vehicle and in the interior of cases and BOXXes.

Customers have the possibility on mySortimo, to configure labels via mySortimo configuration directly in connection with their SR5 van racking system configuration which is supported on mySortimo by synchronising inventory lists. That way the customer gets his vehicle back turnkey ready and including his individual labelling.

The labels provide an important foundation for standardised and systematic working and thus contribute to an enormous efficiency increase in the day-to-day-work.


The Japanese method 5S stands for the five terms sorting, systemise/arrange, cleanse, standardise and self-discipline. With the SR5 van racking system Sortimo provides their customers with all the necessary prerequisites for an optimum workplace structure under this methodology:

Sorting: Tradesmen and service technicians have sufficient stowage space among the numerous shelves, drawers and in the SR-BOXXes of the SR5 shelving system as well as an optimum overview of the transported goods at the same. Furthermore, SR5 supports the identification of unused tools and small components and to sort these out if necessary.

Systemise: Systematic organisation in the vehicle optimises workflow and minimises automatically search and access times. An individual configuration synchronised with the workflow as well the intelligent arrangement of items supports efficient access to the contents. That way, for example everything has its position, by using the Sorimo inlays, missing tools are noticed immediately due to the two-coloured finish of the inlays.

Cleanse: A structured organisation in the SR5 van racking system enables simple cleaning of the loading space without time consuming tidying up first. Furthermore, a clean vehicle is the best flagship for an organised working procedure.

Standardise: Sortimo provides tradesmen with an optimum solution for the standardisation of their work processes. Affiliation, type and content of case and BOXXes can be clearly identified via colour codes with the mySortimo labels. By consistently using the Sortimo BOXXes and Case systems it provides the possibility of standardisation and furthermore the certainty that everything fits together.

Self-discipline: The SR5 van racking system provides the best prerequisites for maintaining organisation and cleanliness in a vehicle. Self-discipline and critical scrutiny of workflows is always a given, in the sense of 5S, in order to optimise the potential of available utilisation. The flexibility of SR5 provides numerous adaption possibilities for this.

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