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Up to the next level.

SR5: the new generation of van racking systems for enhanced productivity.

The SR5 van racking system (Sortimo 5th generation racking) allows you to be even more organised at work:

more storage space for even more tools and work materials, allowing structured organisation so that everything is clearly arranged and easy to find – no more wasted time spent looking for misplaced items. System compatibility means that products from the Sortimo Partners Gedore, Hilti, Rothenberger, Bosch, fischer, BTI and many other BOXX partners can be easily integrated into the SR5. 

And last but not least, the SR5 is quick and easy to set up, as you can configure and order the van racking system online at any time and can customise it to meet your own individual requirements.

Can be
configured online
Maximum load space utilisation
Organisation boosts productivity
Full system compatibility

Can be configured online.

The benefit for you: configure the SR5 on your own online whenever it suits you.


One-stop full-service solutions:

mySortimo offers everything you need for a perfect work routine.

Maximum load space utilisation.

The benefit for you: more storage space.


Maximum use of the loading space as shown in a van,

explained by Martin Miller, Team Leader for Products & Services.

Organisation boosts productivity.

The benefit for you: more time.


We are happy to help you structure your van racking system. We do this with the aid of the 5S method, explained in the video below. The video also includes all key points on workplace organisation with the 5S method.

Increase productivity with the SR5 for trade and service providers,

explained by Thomas Unger, Head of the Marketing & Innovations Department.

Full system compatibility.

The benefit for you: integrate partner products.


The EcoSystem: integration of partner products in the SR5,

presented by Hans Jürgen Sauter, Cooperation Manager.

(Video only available in German.)