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The classic made of metal.

The reliable, practical and timeless organisational system. The metal case adapts entirely to meet your very own trade-specific requirements, by means of, equipping with inset boxes or dividers and its availability in four different heights.


Small components case

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Metal case KM 342 incl. IBS H63-H63
Metal case KM 342 incl. IBS H63-H63
Ref. No.: 1000011069

Metal case KM 332 incl. IBS H31-H63
Metal case KM 332 incl. IBS H31-H63
Ref. No.: 1000011068

Metal case KM 321  incl. IBS H63 23p. S
Metal case KM 321 incl. IBS H63 23p. S
Ref. No.: 1000011067

Metal case KM350 empty
Metal case KM350 empty
Ref. No.: 5228710

Metal case KM 340
Metal case KM 340
Ref. No.: 5228550

Metal case KM 330
Metal case KM 330
Ref. No.: 5228390

Metal case KM 320
Metal case KM 320
Ref. No.: 5228000


In 1973, Herbert Dischinger had the idea of manufacturing small plastic boxes that fit precisely into a metal case and marketing them as a complementary product. This enabled tradespeople to transport small parts, such as nuts and bolts, perfectly organised from one place to another. Sortimo was born and the metal case enjoyed great popularity – this system heralded a revolution. Sortimo metal cases are still very popular today. They are unique in terms of durability and functionality: the numerous different configuration options and equipment with insetboxes, dividers or foam inserts let you store and transport a variety of small parts and tools easily, securely and in an organised manner. The metal cases come in four different heights. This ensures that they can be used across industries – and always impress with their advantages. For example, the metal cases can be opened with one hand; with a 120 degree stop bracket on the cover. This achieves the ideal ratio between the required space and ease of use during loading and unloading. These and other best practices are the result of decades of further development.

The metal cases – of whatever size – can be integrated into all Sortimo transport solutions in just a few steps. The affiliation with the large ecosystem boasts enormous advantages in many ways. The Sortimo metal cases can be easily integrated into the van racking system, protecting them from slipping in transit. This is particularly important especially in extreme or dangerous situations on the road. After all, objects lying round – especially tools – present a significant danger. In the best case, only the material itself is damaged, but this can also lead to physical injuries – with dramatic consequences. These problems are now a thing of the past with Sortimo metal cases, especially when they are combined with the van racking system or WorkMo modules. At the same time, everything remains perfectly sorted.