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Sortimo takes responsibility!
Sustainability is something very close to our heart and is implicit in what we do
We are remaining true to our mission of creating products that simplify and improve our customers' mobile working (whether roaming or point-to-point). At the same time, we feel an obligation to do so in a way that does not deplete the Earth's natural resources. This obligation acknowledges our responsibility for the entire value chain, which extends across all our sites, and throughout the life cycle of our products.
Reinhold Braun, Managing Director Sortimo International GmbH
Value chain
Zusmarshausen: Only production site with ambitious targets for CO2-neutral production!

Social responsibility: We promote the regional economy by producing from a single site and remaining loyal to our regional suppliers.

Corporate governance: The target is ambitious – we are on course for climate-neutral, CO2-neutral production at our Zusmarshausen site in order to develop a CO2-neutral range of products and services. This target will be achieved on the basis of four pillars: low-carbon product design, energy efficiency, renewable electricity and carbon reduction. It goes without saying that, for many years now, we have strictly adhered to all Code of Conduct-related issues in our selection of suppliers and subcontractors, as well as the guidelines on sustainable procurement with regard to labour and human rights plus anti-corruption.

Sustainability: Sortimo exclusively produces in Zusmarshausen, which enables the entire value chain to be mapped in a resource-optimised manner. We avoid long supply and production chains and use sustainable materials to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. Sortimo's buildings have been adapted to the natural environment and fitted with photovoltaic systems, so that some of the company's production is already supplied by solar energy. The Sortimo Innovation Park in Zusmarshausen represents the first success on the way to CO2-neutral production. This is because the charging park provides for sector coupling to a common energy management system, and enables "Sortimo blue electricity" to be produced and stored in the long term.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Sortimo

Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen

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Roadmap to CO2 neutrality

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Code of Conduct

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Products and Services
Responsible growth for the sustainable corporate governance of our customers!

Social responsibility: Safety is an essential aspect that has a major impact on our product development. Our product range enables us to significantly protect human life. Sortimo van racking systems are designed to the most exacting safety levels: Crash tests under real conditions: in short, Sortimo products guarantee maximum protection even with a full load. We also attach great importance to ergonomics in our product design for the sustainable health of our customers and the prevention of accidents at work.

Corporate governance: Sortimo products and services help our customers to achieve greater organisation, and also a digital view of orders, traceable at any time. They also have a complete package of solutions for their mobile day-to-day working life, from organisational aids, digital inventories and marketing instruments, and ultimately to improved productivity and profitability.

Sustainability: Sortimo products and services automatically help to reduce unnecessary materials in the load space and provide an ideal overview of all working equipment. This saves weight and back-and-forth travel, enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint without further effort. Sortimo is also an expert consultant for electric mobility in the service and trade sector, and is actively driving forward change with its expertise.

The following aspects dovetail in product development:



> Quality for maximum durability

> Transfer to a second life cycle

> Safety for your life and the lives of all road users

> Ergonomics for a healthy working environment

> Functionality for a seamless working day


For added:


> Economic efficiency

> Safety

> Environmental protection

Sortimo is on hand to advise you on the change to electric mobility. We have acquired unique expertise in this field and can advise on:




> Optimising use of the load space 

> Reducing weight through workplace organisation

> Switching to electric mobility




Let us reduce your Total Cost of Mobility, increase your productivity, and minimise your CO2 emissions.

This is the only way to successfully look into the future together!

We'd be happy to advise you! 

Our standard product range includes a large proportion of recycled and sustainably produced materials. 

On request, we can also select



> 100% recycled materials <.



This is the case with the KEP Rack, our first CO2-neutral product