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BOXXes and Cases
for perfect workplace organisation

Sortimo BOXXes and cases ensure improved organisation and enhanced productivity in day-to-day work, as tools and small parts are transported tidily sorted, securely stored and carefully and clearly arranged from the workshop to the workplace. The practical organisational systems make your mobile workshop efficient and clearly arranged, and they also have multifunctional uses, thanks to their push-in and carry function.

Metal case

The metal case is unique in terms of functionality, durability and adjustment options.

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L-BOXXes G/G4 are the optimum mobility and storage solution, providing space for tools, machines and consumables.

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Thanks to its transparent lid, the T-BOXX provides a clear view into your tool box.

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Thanks to its bucket-like design, the C-BOXX can be used universally for storing tools and consumables or even for transporting dirty used parts.

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Thanks to its plastic slides, the SR-BOXX can be integrated, suspended or standing, into the shelves of the van racking system, providing for twice the space gain.

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The spacious machine and transport case.

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Inset boxes

Inset boxes provide professional small parts management in BOXXes, cases and drawers.

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The LT-BOXX G has no lid and so is the ideal box for simple loading, transport and removal of bulky equipment.

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The LS-BOXX G is a machine case, tool case and small parts store in a compact unit.

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The i-BOXX G is the small and smart option for the secure transport of small parts.

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The E-BOXX is simple, practical and ideal for individual use.

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L-BOXXen family

The practical transport and tool box

L-BOXXes can be intuitively combined with each other and separated again in seconds, thanks to their intelligent and simple click system. The possibility of fully integrating the Sortimo BOXX and case system into Sortimo van racking systems and their all-purpose use makes them unique.
The L-BOXX range is the integrated mobility solution for secure and convenient tool transport. That’s why the popular L-BOXX system is used by well-known partners as storage solution for their tools and equipment. With their pre-configured L-BOXXes, for example, BOSCH und GEDORE offer perfect possibilities to design a seamless mobility concept from workshop to workplace, making your work processes even more efficient.

T-BOXX - sorting master with insight

The T-BOXX proves to be not only an organiser but also an all-rounder and impresses with its flexible application possibilities:
T-BOXXen 3 Größen
T-BOXX Kompatibilität
T-BOXX Kopplungsmöglichkeit
T-BOXX an WorkMo
T-BOXX an Flügeltür
T-BOXX Insetboxen
T-BOXX Einblick
T-BOXX Stabilität

More BOXXes and Cases at a glance

SR-BOXX für optimale Raumausnutzung
Metallkoffer mit diversen Bestückungsmöglichkeiten
i-BOXX 72 G ist klein und intelligent
Insetboxen sorgen für mehr Produktivität
E-BOXX als Ergänzung