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System-based transport.

The LT-BOXX G is designed for bulky work utensils, since it has a practical wide-opening handle, which can be swivelled out instead of a cover and, for this reason, the box can be quickly loaded up and transported easily.



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The Sortimo LT-BOXX G is the ideal solution for transporting bulky tools. The simple loading and un-loading options save you valuable time at your place of work and ensure fast access to your materi-als. Like the Sortimo L-BOXX G, the LT-BOXX G comes in four different sizes, ideally adapting the LT-BOXXes to the needs of your load. The BOXX can be combined with all L-BOXX G4/G products, offering you even more flexibility. Durable, excellent load capacity and yet lightweight: The LT-BOXX G is made of shock- and impact-resistant ABS plastic. The BOXXes have a broad swivel-out handle to simplify the transport of bulky tools and materials for your daily work, ensuring that even heavier loads can be carried with ease and maximising the use of space.

The BOXX is part of the L-BOXX G4/G range and can be clicked into the other products of the system, thanks to the unique two-way click system. With just two clicks, transport your LT-BOXX G by Sortimo safely to your place of work – and quickly detach it again when you arrive. The intelligent click system means you can transport several BOXXes simultaneously, saving several trips back and forth from your van, so you can save valuable time.

And reconfigure the BOXXes to meet the specific needs of each individual job, ensuring that you always have all the tools and implements you need with you. The individual BOXXes can be loaded with up to 25 kg. When clicked together, the boxes carry up to 40 kg. Various models of the LT-BOXX G by Sortimo are available online – you can also purchase other transport boxes from the L-BOXX G4/G range together with a wealth of accessories. And what’s more, the BOXX is also compatible with the partner BOXXes used by BOSCH, Gedore, Förch and Fischer, which are used as outer packaging for their products. You therefore benefit from an end-to-end concept for the transport and storage of your valuable machines and tools.


The LT-BOXX G by Sortimo for fast loading and secure transport

The L-BOXX Roller trolley or AluCaddy make it even easier to move your stacked boxes around: either push your stacked boxes to your place of work or convert them into a portable worktop for last-minute jobs on site. A range of worktops are available in the online shop, which can be fitted to the L-BOXX G4/G or LS-BOXX 306 G without the need for tools. The LT-BOXX G can also be integrated with ease into the Sortimo van racking system and the portable WorkMo workstation. With a retainer for your seat bench, it can also be ideally transported on the passenger seat of your car or on the rear seat bench. Thanks to a handle bar on its front side, conveniently pull the box out of a vehicle rack or the shelving in your work-shop. Sturdy drawer rails ensure you can also store the BOXX on the drawer recesses of your Sortimo van racking system, creating more order in your work vehicle and also ensuring optimum load securing. Loose boxes can easily slide around or topple over in your vehicle – presenting a risk to the passengers and making your tools more vulnerable. If you order the coordinated ac-cessories for your BOXX, your load will remain securely in place even if you have to brake hard!

Flexible division for every use

To prevent you from having to search around for longer, the BOXX can also be sub-divided into three compartments by sturdy aluminium dividers. This guarantees quick access to your tools and secure transport when you need to store several tools or materials in your tool box. And what’s more, the LT-BOXX G is also available in black for use on building sites or in workshops. It is particularly insensitive to dirt and is guaranteed to present a professional im-pression at all times at your place of work.

Order the LT-BOXX G by Sortimo online now

The BOXX offers all the benefits of the L-BOXX G4/G range. Complete flexibility, thanks to a wealth of accessories, and the ability to combine several modules guarantee made-to-measure solutions for every job. Conveniently order your LT-BOXX G now online and benefit from our fast deliv-ery, excellent customer service and outstanding Sortimo quality.