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Leasing van rackings: simple, fast and uncomplicated

With PEAC (Germany) GmbH as your partner, you benefit from the following advantages: Leasing in-vehicle equipment: simple, fast and uncomplicated
Leasingrate rechnen mit Leasingrechner von PEAC

Leasing for van rackings from 1,000 Euro (net)

Configure it yourself or have it configured for you

Leasing conditions:

You can choose between leasing terms of 36 or 48 months. The residual value is 10 %.

Van racking incl. installation is eligible for leasing if the net retail value is € 1,000 or more. In order to be able to select leasing as a payment method, the shopping basket must contain van racking. Only van racking is offered for leasing. As soon as another product is in the shopping basket, this option is not displayed for selection.