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WorkMo 24-500 Kit 2

Ref. No.:  1000010762 | Match code: OS 2 WO 24-500
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Product details

This WorkMo is ideally suited to use in the workshop area, but can, of course, also be used when mobile.

The components in detail:

- 1 x roller adapter WorkMo: The roller adapters are screwed to the individual module and thus provide permanent mobility for the WorkMo. Two of the rollers are equipped with locks - this means that secure standing can be achieved if necessary.

- 1 x tool tray WorkMo 24: With the tool tray, the WorkMo turns into a mobile workshop. Thanks to the coupling mechanism, the drawer is quickly fixed to the WorkMo module, and equally quickly removed again. The material used is resistant to various types of oil, solvents and fuels. As an option, the tool tray can also be sub-divided with dividers.

- 1 x WorkMo 24-500 universal cabinet: There are two standard shelves behind the cabinet door on which the most varied of consumables and tools can be stowed in an optimum manner. The cabinet door can be locked and thus protects the content from dirt and unwanted access.

- 1 x WorkMo 24-500 with 3 drawers: Your small components and tools are properly stowed in the three drawers and are quickly accessible. The divider sets (3 in number) included in the kit allow clear sub-division of the drawers. In addition, the package includes three anti-rattle mats for drawers. These dampen down the rattling noises and protect both the contents and the drawer itself from damage.

- 1 x storage pocket: The storage pocket for the side wall on the WorkMo extends the storage space of the WorkMo even further. It can be screwed in position at any point on the side walls of the WorkMo and thus offers quick access to the tools and working material inside. An additional benefit: On the front of the storage pocket there is an integrated terminal tool strip where hand tools can be placed ready for use.

-1 x terminal tool strip: Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and pens can be simply stowed away and quickly removed again thanks to the clamping strip for tools. The mounting on the side wall of the WorkMo modules allows quick access to the tools mounted on it.


Note: The figure shows a configuration suggestion for the individual components. The arranged can be varied.

The WorkMo Module consists of weight optimised Aluminium and Plastic and they can be combined and coupled with each other. They can be very simply transformed into a mobile workstation at your workplace and enable you to work ergonomically anywhere you may be. The WorkMo also serves as a practical mobile workshop within your workshop, wherein tools and work utensils can be stored. The extensive accessories programme provides a multitude of possibilities for adapting the WorkMo to your individual requirements. The system is made mobile by the addition to the WorkMo of the roller board or roller adapter.

(pictures are similar, decorative material not included; delivery only within UK and Ireland)

Technical Details
Technical details
Maximum capacity in kg 100
Grid width 2
Grid depth 4
Maximum lid capacity in kg 100
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