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Apr 28, 2021

Expansion of the BOXX family – XL-BOXX ADR now available from Sortimo

Sortimo International GmbH, market leader for van rackings and intelligent mobility solutions, has added value to its L-BOXX family with the XL-BOXX ADR and thus offers its customers from trade, service and industry a large machine case. In combination with a Sortimo foam insert, the XL-BOXX ADR is certified for the transport of hazardous goods and has sufficient storage space to accommodate bulky, heavy and unwieldy equipment. The XL-BOXX ADR is available immediately from Sortimo and is compatible with the entire Sortimo EcoSystem.

Already successfully launched in 2019 by BS Systems GmbH & Co. KG - a joint venture of the two companies BOSCH and Sortimo - Sortimo has also expanded its BOXX range with the spacious machine and transport box. With its generous storage space of 30 litres and a load capacity of up to 25 kg, the XL-BOXX ADR offers space for the safe transport of bulky machines and equipment. In accordance with its purpose, the XL-BOXX ADR meets the requirements for robustness, transport protection and load capacity. Attention was paid to a low tare weight to allow heavy machines to be carried as effortlessly as possible. It can carry loads of up to 100 kg, is protected against splash water (IP44) and is designed to be operated with work gloves. A special advantage, especially for expensive machines or measuring instruments, are the ring lock eyes, which protect the BOXX together with a shackle lock from unwanted access on the construction site. 

Certified for the transport of dangerous goods

Sortimo has further developed the XL-BOXX from BS Systems to meet some customer requirements, which distinguishes the Sortimo XL-BOXX ADR from those already available on the market. A decisive criterion that sets the Sortimo XL-BOXX ADR apart is the certification for the transport of hazardous goods, such as accumulators. This certification is clearly recognisable by a sticker on the back of the BOXX. In addition, the lid insert required for ADR transports is already included in the scope of delivery. Customers can configure the necessary foam inlay, which also has to be integrated, for their BOXX online using the mySortimo inlay configurator. In this way, the machines, tools and consumables to be transported are optimally protected from external influences and damage.

All-rounder in terms of mobility & compatibility

The idea of the Sortimo EcoSystem in the sense of full system compatibility of the BOXX to other Sortimo BOXXes as well as the van racking is also a top priority with the XL-BOXX ADR. The combination of Sortimo products with each other significantly optimises the user's work flow: mobility becomes more efficient through the connection of the BOXXes, as significantly more can be transported with one aisle and clearly distances are saved. The XL-BOXX ADR is compatible with the entire L-BOXX family as well as the T-BOXX G and the Hilti size 20 case. L-BOXXes can be inserted via a rail system on the lid of the XL-BOXX. This does not restrict the opening mechanism of the XL-BOXX so that the contents remain accessible. The rails enable efficient transport in the compound and the required consumables can be carried directly to the place of use. In addition to the L-BOXX, the XL-BOXX ADR can also accommodate its smallest sister on the side: the L-BOXX Micro. This was specially designed as an external, very light transport container for small parts and consumables that can be clicked onto the XL-BOXX. The L-BOXX Micro offers a direct view of its contents and can be divided into up to eight compartments without the contents getting mixed up during transport. The external dimensions of the L-BOXX Micro correspond to the familiar inset box grid, which means that it can be used in combination with existing inset box sets and all other BOXXes from Sortimo and its partners. The L-BOXXes Micro can be stacked and clicked together and can therefore be transported independently of the XL-BOXX.

In addition, in combination with van racking, load securing is already included in the XL-BOXX ADR. The guide rails on the base ensure the connection to all Sortimo van racking, so that by simply pushing the XL-BOXX ADR into the pull-out rails integrated in the shelf, the new toolbox is fixed and thus secured for transport in the vehicle's load compartment. No additional handles are required.

Functionality and accessories

For special needs, the XL-BOXX ADR offers extended possibilities for individual organisation in the interior: inserts and accessories from the L-BOXX can also be used in the XL-BOXX without restriction. By means of dividers, which are flush with the lid, the XL-BOXX can be divided into up to five compartments of different sizes for the individual application. Foam tool inserts can be individually configured online via mySortimo inlay, allowing the interior to be optimally adapted to the goods being transported.


The XL-BOXX ADR, just like the L-BOXX Micro, is available immediately in all Sortimo branches and stations as well as online on the mySortimo platform at mySortimo.de/xl-boxx

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