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Sep 20, 2022

Sortimo goes climate-neutral: the FlexRack 2.0 folding rack is the first CO2-neutral product to be showcased at IAA Transportation

Sortimo, a trailblazer for intelligent mobility solutions and digital services, is setting itself an ambitious target: climate-neutral production by 2025 at its production site in the Bavarian town of Zusmarshausen. Sortimo is taking a bold step in this direction with the launch of the FlexRack 2.0.  The CO2-neutrally produced folding rack made of recycled materials has been specifically developed to meet the needs of courier, express and parcel delivery companies. The rack offers customers maximum flexibility combined with the ultimate safety in everyday working life. It also helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint, by relying on a product that has been produced in a climate neutral manner.

Transport service providers are enjoying ever-increasing volumes of orders that need to be handled for retailers and end customers. Time is a crucial factor in this business. Parcel delivery drivers often lose valuable minutes in peak traffic, which they then need to make up when loading and unloading goods. A clearly arranged and well laid out cargo space can be crucial in this, as the flexible use of the cargo space and the correct arrangement of the goods reduces delivery times and increases delivery firms’ productivity. This is precisely where the new FlexRack 2.0 comes into its own. The complete cargo space can be used flexibly and is simply arranged, thanks to the shelving uprights being adapted to the contours of the vehicle, the option to order the shelves to individual customised dimensions, and easy-to-use folding shelves. Loads are also perfectly secured by the integrated ProSafe load securing system. 

Sortimo is relying on CO2-neutral production
As an international company, Sortimo is very aware of its responsibility to the environment and society. It has therefore developed guidelines and codes of conduct that establish a clear and binding standard for socially responsible and environmentally aware conduct in the company. The target is an ambitious one: Sortimo is on course for CO2-neutral production at its sole production site in Zusmarshausen. Among other things, this goal is to be achieved through low-carbon product design, energy efficiency through intelligent power management in combination with the Sortimo Innovation Park, as well as electricity from renewable sources.
Against this background, the Zusmarshausen-based market leader will be constantly putting in place internal and external measures that will help to achieve this target. At the same time, it will be taking into account the interplay of efficiency and sustainability in all departments.

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