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Mar 11, 2021

New product line: ProClick - Unlimited possibilities with one click!

ProClick tool bags and the tool belt open up new possibilities in the entire Sortimo system world for an even safer, gentler and more efficient workflow in everyday work. The ProClick system allows tools and work materials to be carried directly on the body using high-quality textile bags and a tool belt - the hands remain free. This safety aspect is crucial in many trades in which work safety recommends wearing tool belts. ProClick is the only system that allows tool bags to be changed, even when worn on the body, with just one click. In addition, ProClick not only fits into the Sortimo van racking system as an accessory but can also be clicked into the L-BOXX family for transport or hooked into other Sortimo carrier systems. ProClick will be available from mid-April 2021 but can already be ordered from mySortimo.de/proclick.

For the transport of tools and consumables in the vehicle to the place of use, the Sortimo International GmbH has, as is well known, versatile solutions in the form of van racking sytems, BOXXes and suitcases as well as mobile workstations in their range. This portfolio has now been supplemented by a simplification directly at the workplace: the ProClick tool belt and the ProClick tool bags. The ProClick system allows tools and work materials to be carried directly on the body. It thus prevents the annoyance of bending down after tool cases lying on the floor and ensures that your hands are free. This is an essential safety aspect for all trades who work a lot overhead, stand on ladders or move at dizzying heights on scaffolding or roofs. In addition to safety, it is also a clear advantage on the floor to have the materials close at hand at waist height. In contrast to the frequently observed transport of tools in trouser pockets, the ProClick tool bags offer a perfect and time-saving overview of tools, work materials and consumables thanks to practical interior dividers, loops and holders. Depending on the application, they can be pre-equipped and flexibly exchanged. The ProClick tool bags are available in different sizes and designs. Laterally attached reflective strips ensure visibility and protection, especially in the dark winter months.

Unique ergonomics, freedom of movement and the possibility of changing

ProClick was developed to further optimize mobile working, make it safer and increase the productivity of its users. On the one hand, this relief is given at the place of work: the craftsman or service technician is no longer forced to step off the ladder or move to the tool case in order to gradually fetch his work materials. With the tool belt and pockets, these are located directly on the body, making access to work equipment much faster and more ergonomic. With the ProClick tool belt, tools and work materials are carried ergonomically and comfortably on the hips thanks to the integrated padding. The reinforcement of the tool belt made of high-quality polyester ensures that the weight is evenly distributed.

The shape of the connection between the pockets and the belt is also unique. Because the connection element, the ProClick Holder, which is clamped in over the belt strap, securely hooks the bags. The ProClick Holder can also be used on any commercially available belt. The tool bags have an integrated hook which is clicked into the holder on the ProClick tool belt. The pockets are fixed with this innovative locking system and guarantee safe working. Only by deliberately pressing the blue button on the holder can the bag be released again with one hand at the touch of a finger. The system allows a quick, needs-based and unique change of tool bags, which can be pre-packed for the respective use and application purposes and clicked on the tool belt as required. In the case of standard tool belts, on the other hand, the pockets are firmly sewn or have to be threaded over the belt.

System compatibility for an ideal workflow

The seamless integration of the ProClick system into the Sortimo product world means that the tool bags cannot only be used in combination with the tool belt. With the ProSafe compatible hook, the bags can also be hung in all vertical ProSafe rails. This means that they can be hooked into the side profile of the SR5 van racking or in the ProSafe posts from Globelyst4 and transported neatly and safely. For the user, the system compatibility means that the work cycle is significantly optimized.

The vehicle is equipped with different pockets, which can be equipped as required. At the place of use, the belt is put on and the pre-packed bags are removed from the van racking system. Bags that are not needed immediately can be attached to the C-BOXX or the tool tray in this step and transported to the place of use. A flexible change is possible at any time directly in the action without having to take off the belt. When the work is done and back on the vehicle, the tool bags can be detached from the belt at the push of a button and safely stowed in the van racking system, which enables the craftsman or service technician of comfortably driving without bags on the hip or stored unsorted on the passenger seat. This ensures that the bags are kept tidy and that no work equipment falls out. In addition, these are ready to hand at the next location, which is particularly useful when several colleagues are using the vehicle. Because with ProClick it is prevented that the tools do not stay in the trouser pockets but keep returning to the van racking via the tool pockets.

Durable and safe

Thanks to its robust design, the ProClick product line is ideally equipped for any use on the construction site. As already known from Sortimo products, the ProClick tool bags are made of high-quality materials and extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting textile fibers (polyester 1000den). The stainless steel hook attached to the rear guarantees a secure hold in all applications. By clicking with the ProClick Holder, the tool bags are securely locked, which is an essential safety factor, especially when working at height.

Order and availability

ProClick will be available from mid-April 2021. The ProClick product range as well as discounted starter sets can now be ordered at mySortimo.de/proclick.
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