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Mar 12, 2019

Optimum workplace organisation thanks to mySortimo labels and the SR5 van racking system

Sortimo International GmbH has now incorporated the new "mySortimo labels" function into its mySortimo configuration van racking configurator, so offering customers even more added value in the standardisation and organisation of their mobile daily work. Following handover of a vehicle with racking to a customer, they then often have no time to label the rack components by hand. A carefully planned configuration combined with custom-fit labelling of the racking forms the basis for simplified and productive workplace organisation in our daily world of work. mySortimo labels now let tradespeople and service technicians benefit from fast labelling of their SR5 racking system with labels. These labels are printed individually for each customer, with the vehicle being handed over to the purchaser fully labelled and ready for use. With the integration of cutting-edge methods of workplace organisation to meet 5S standard, Sortimo is helping to ensure even greater productivity and efficiency in the daily routine of tradespeople.

By extending the mySortimo configuration online configurator, the market leader for van racking now allows tradespeople and service technicians to organise and standardise components of the new SR5 van racking system in the configurator using mySortimo labels. The direct option of labelling individual components in the van racking configurator is regarded as one of the most modern methods of workplace organisation. Sortimo has incorporated industry's well-established 5S methodology into tradespeople' and service technicians' vehicles. This aims to optimise cleanliness and order in the workplace to offer them maximum productivity and efficiency in their daily work routine. The 5S method, which originates from Japan, stands for the five terms Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Self-discipline. The SR5 satisfies all the necessary conditions.

The new Sortimo van racking system offers the option of labelling with mySortimo labels, but also ensures maximum order using dividers and comprehensive systematisation using Sortimo BOXXes, cases and shelves.

The added value resulting for Sortimo customers is obvious:

Sorting work materials allows you to use the limited loading space in your vehicle far more efficiently. One reason for considering how to sort the items to be carried when configuring the racking. Labelling individual components with mySortimo labels helps you to clearly assign work materials and identify and sort out any tools and articles that are not needed. This stops you from carrying stocks of duplicate materials. Sorting frees up loading space, which can then be used to optimum effect while simultaneously reducing the overall weight of the vehicle, thus cutting fuel consumption. A further benefit is that sorting simplifies and speeds up the replenishment process. mySortimo labels ensure that materials that are about to run out or have already run out are noticed early on and can be reordered in good time.

Setting in order and clear organisation of the items carried on board also helps to optimise work processes, resulting in significant time savings: shelves, drawers and BOXXes can all be individually identified with mySortimo labels and colour-coded. Combining colour-coded organisation with labelling helps to improve both organisation and overview in your van's loading space. Also remember to store materials that are often needed near the vehicle doors to ensure fast access to them. This saves valuable work time for tradespeople, fitters or service technicians, who no longer need to waste time hunting everywhere for the right tools or consumables, thanks to the optimum arrangement of items.

In addition, identification with labels actively helps tradespeople maintain order both in the vehicle and inside BOXXes and cases in the long term. A well-organised vehicle also indirectly motivates staff to keep it nice and tidy. This additionally makes the step Shine significantly easier for users: no need for time-consuming tidying when the loading space is already ordered. A neat vehicle also offers an unmistakable benefit for safety at work: tripping hazards are avoided and load securing goes, so to speak, hand in hand with systematisation. A clean vehicle thus pays off in three regards. Firstly, it automatically makes a positive impression on customers, and secondly, the user treats the vehicle, the van racking system and the materials inside more carefully in the long term, resulting in significantly reduced service or even repurchasing. Thirdly, this gives staff new motivation, which makes work easier, improves safety and, in the long term, saves lots of time and money for the company.

The selection of colours for the labels is a very easy way of organising work materials in a Standardised manner so that they can be immediately identified by every employee inside the vehicle and at the workshop thanks to visual colour coding. These colour codes indicate what category each material belongs to (e.g. tools, consumables, cleaning agents, etc.). They can be individually customised for the relevant company from a range of 6 colours. The lettering on the label then allows the specific contents to be subdivided further. Setting standards for labelling makes it considerably easier for staff to select the right materials from the stockroom and the van racks and to put them in their proper place in the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when a vehicle is used by more than one employee.

When used in combination with mySortimo labels, the SR5 van racking system offers optimum conditions for keeping vehicles clean and tidy. Living up to the aim of 5S, Self-discipline and the critical questioning of work sequences always involves exploiting the available optimisation potential. The flexibility of SR5 provides extensive scope for customisation. The labels themselves can be quickly re-organised again at any time using their clips, re-assigning them across all components.

Using the labels is child's play for the customer. When labels are jointly ordered and assigned during configuration of the SR5, they are then directly attached during installation of the van racking system. If re-ordered, these tear- and moisture-resistant labels can be easily stuck to the clip, allowing them to be fixed in position anywhere in the van racking system. You can stick the labels directly onto the BOXXes with entire L-BOXX range. They not only offer outstanding adhesion, but can also be removed again without leaving any trace.

Simple and fast configuration in just five steps:

1. Select component: After selecting the component to be labelled, for example an SR-BOXX, the user starts the labelling operation either in the Properties menu or directly with the "mySortimo labels" button.

2. Select colour code: You can first select the colour of the Sortimo colour code in the Edit menu. You can choose from up to six different colours, which are used to assign a colour code to the material depending on type, purpose and category.

3. Enter text: When entering your text, one field is available for the heading (main category) and a further six for a detailed description of the contents (sub-category).

4. Addition of further labels: Depending on the product component selected, the user can also allocate multiple labels, e.g. for drawers, SR-BOXXes or shelves.

5. Inventory list: To re-use labels previously created, the user is provided with an inventory list ("Label Overview"), which can be retrieved and edited under Accessories at any time. The user has the option of making changes or deleting labels already positioned in the vehicle.

With minor or subsequent changes, mySortimo labels can also be ordered as sheets of labels via the mySortimo platform and printed out at home quickly and easily using a free editable PDF template at mySortimo.de/labels.

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