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Individual and comfortable.

By labeling you also create order in your BOXXes, suitcases and drawers and always have an optimal overview of the content. In addition, you will significantly optimize your replacement process, as you will detect missing material early and effortlessly. Thanks to the labels, the Sortimo colour code can still be transferred to the new inset boxes in the trend color Coolgrey and enables effective visual identification. The labels can be quickly and easily printed on your laser printer using a free PDF template. The labels are made of tear- and moisture-resistant material. They are strongly adhesive and thus guarantee a very long shelf life.


Label templates for BOXXes, cases and inset boxes

Inscription template BOXXes & cases
65 KB
Inscription template inset boxes
670 KB

To label the templates, click with the right mouse button on the download button and select the input "Save target as ...". To save the PDF file on your computer and label it individually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When printing the label sheets, please select "Actual size" in the print menu under "Customize Page and Options"!