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Sep 5, 2019
ProCargo CT1 with trailer

ProCargo CT1 with trailer 

The Sortimo International GmbH has expanded its range and from now the ProCargo CT1 is available also in a set with a trailer from the manufacturer "hinterher.com". Craftsmen thus benefit from extended possibilities of using the cargo cycle and from additional loading capacities in their daily work. In combination with a trailer, the Sortimo cargo cycle is considered as an electric heavy-duty bicycle, which the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control BAFA promotes. For questions around the application interested customers are supported by Sortimo.

Due to the high demand, Sortimo now offers its customers the opportunity to purchase the innovative ProCargo CT1 cargo cycle together in a set with a practical trailer. For this purpose, the company has included the trailer "Hxxl" of the manufacturer "hinterher.com" in its product range. The combination of trailer and cargo cycle offers craftsmen and service technicians in urban areas the great advantage of an additional transport area and expands the possibilities of use in everyday craftsmanship.

The support surface of the trailer offers the possibility of transporting larger goods (85 x 62 x 8 cm) with a loading volume of 775 liters. The trailer is only 80 cm wide, including wheels, narrower than most child trailers. Bulky and longer objects, such as machines, spare parts or even ladders, can be transported in the city center without traffic jams and also CO2-neutrally. In addition, the trailer mobile can also be used as a handcart in the building. For craftsmen and service technicians in urban areas, the cargo cycle in combination with a trailer is the ideal complement to the existing fleet. The sturdy bicycle trailer with a total weight of only 11.9 kg has a continuous stainless steel axle and a stainless steel stand for safe loading and unloading and allows a load of up to 45 kg. About Sortimo the trailer is available only in connection with the purchase of the cargo bike.

Funding by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)

Another big advantage: in combination with the trailer, the cargo cycle with electric motor now complies with BAFA's funding guidelines and makes the ProCargo CT1 eligible for funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. Together with the trailer, the ProCargo CT1 is considered as an electric heavy-duty bicycle, which the BAFA promotes with 30 % of the purchase costs, max. 2,500 €. This promotion applies to companies throughout Germany. Further information about the promotion can be found at www.bafa.de.

In addition, Sascha Auer, ProCargo CT1 Sales Manager, is available for questions regarding this and other funding opportunities at SAuer@sortimo.de.

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