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Sep 19, 2022

Sortimo Fleet Management Services: the fleet upgrade for mobility set-ups

Sortimo's “Fleet Management Services” (FMS) programme is based on three pillars: Consulting, Order Management and Operating Systems. It offers a holistic approach to optimising one's own mobility set-up and supports fleet operators, among other things, in the efficient use of data flows, from which decisive competitive advantages can be gained. Its modular structure makes it easy for companies to join up, providing the right package for every customer. The FMS Consulting and FMS Order Management is available now.

Global markets are becoming increasingly volatile as a result of the pandemic and changes in supply chains, which is forcing companies to act quickly and flexibly. At the same time, companies need to take far-reaching strategic decisions due to stricter environmental requirements governing fleets. The use of dedicated data plays a key role in ideally supporting this process. This data is gathered from a wide range of internal and external data sources, such as customer product information, fleet and service management software, or even data from leasing companies. Currently, extensive manual work is required to interpret this data correctly on this basis, and rapidly make profitable decisions. This is where Sortimo's “Fleet Management Services” programme comes in, because the efficient use of data gives companies a decisive competitive edge. On the one hand, the programme significantly reduces companies’ manual workload, at the same time decisions can be made faster and are of a higher quality, and their cost base is significantly reduced.

Maximum customer benefits clearly in focus thanks to Sortimo
Sortimo's “Fleet Management Services” programme helps customers focus on their core business – service delivery. Based on the information regarding which goods are transported for which purposes, in which organisation and ultimately in which vehicles, companies can bridge the gap between the application, inventory, van racking system as well as fleet. Customers receive 360-degree support based on this data analysis and coupled with the in-depth expertise of our Sortimo consultants. This starts with advice on an appropriate mobility set-up, its provision, monitoring the set-up in operation, and the resulting derivation of further optimisation processes.

FMS – Fleet Consulting
Fleet Consulting pursues a three-step concept to provide solid insights into individual customer needs, and helps to achieve an optimum mobility set-up. 
In the first step, the focus is on the core processes of the company. The company’s inventory is recorded and the requirements governing its use in the field are defined, taking into account specific industry features. 
Global standard solutions are then defined for each type of vehicle. The current fleet set-up is examined and particular attention is paid to lost productivity, hidden costs and overall fleet performance.
In the third and final step, the customer's individual corporate targets and their influence on the fleet are incorporated in the analysis.
Depending on the focus, the redefined mobility set-ups enable costs and processes to be optimised and ambitious corporate social responsibility goals achieved. Based on comprehensive consulting and the integration of numerous stakeholders, Sortimo's solutions are also shaped by a high level of acceptance within the customers’ organisation coupled with rapid implementation.

FMS – Order Management
All order and expansion progress information per se can be managed in real time on the FMS Order Management platform. Fleet managers can therefore manage the entire order process transparently and in a time-saving manner. In addition to these benefits, companies benefit from flexible leasing models on cost-effective terms, which Sortimo offers together with strong partner companies.

FMS – Operating System
The FMS Operating System platform enables the set-ups to be monitored in operation. By integrating the Inventory Management System, standard inventories can be defined for each application and set-up solution, and thus requirements and availability can be controlled efficiently and across organisations. Combined with a telematics solution, it is also possible to track parts of the equipment live and thus increase the first-time-fix rate, i.e. the percentage of orders that can be solved with one trip to the customer, as well as reducing inventory shrinkage. In addition, telematics-based usage profiles combined with equipment dimensions, inventory lists, weight and remaining payloads enable the customer to identify the potential of converting the fleet to electric vehicles, offering the customer tailor-made support in this process.
These functions, which are subject to continuous optimisation processes, enable fleet managers to keep an eye on everything. And, thanks to the extensive transparency and fast availability of the data, they can react to any new challenge in no time. This is a crucial advantage that can help to proactively shape the future of the vehicle fleet.

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