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Feb 1, 2019

Sortimo expands its in-vehicle equipment configurator mySortimo configuration

Sortimo International GmbH is enabling simple and fast configuration of the new SR5 in-vehicle equipment with the mySortimo in-vehicle configurator. Now the market leader has expanded the online configurator with high quality products and service components like drawers or the possibility of individual labelling through the mySortimo labels. Tradesmen, Service technicians and Fleet customers benefit through individual and branch specific configuration possibilities for their SR5 in-vehicle equipment with even greater added value in their daily work routine. The permanent availability of mySortimo configuration makes it possible to configure and order the SR5 shelving system from anywhere and at any time.

Sortimo, the market leader in in-vehicle equipment brought the new SR5 shelving system, which has been conceived from the word go for a digitized world, onto the market at the IAA Commercial Vehicles fair. The Company has made it possible for its customers to quickly and simply configure their SR5 in-vehicle equipment, using the mySortimo online configurator. SR5 can be quickly and simply configured online according to individual and branch specific requirements. This means the Sortimo customer has a round-the-clock picture of the possibilities of their loading space design in the form of in-vehicle equipment including floor and wall cladding, which can be directly ordered, making us unique in the branch. Further services from the mySortimo platform round off the workplace organization in the vehicle and even take care of advertising design for the LCV in the form of decals. At the beginning of the year Sortimo optimized the in-vehicle configurator, mySortimo configuration, and expanded it with high quality product and service components, which should provide Tradesmen and Service technicians with significant added value for their mobile daily work routine. Drawers, SR slides or the directly integrated possibilities in the configurator for individual labelling of in-vehicle equipment components provide significantly more efficiency in your mobile daily work routine. The following SR5 products and services are now additionally available to users of the mySortimo configuration:

NEW: mySortimo labels

With immediate effect, users of the mySortimo in-vehicle equipment configurator have the possibility to configure components like BOXXes, drawers and standard shelves in diverse versions and label these individually via mySortimo labels and provide them with color coding.

Sortimo customers thereby profit from an even higher level of time saving because the labels are inscribed and positioned directly in the configurator meaning you get your Vehicle ready-to-go including equipment and inscribed labels so that you only have to fill it up. The systematic structuring and standardization through mySortimo labels creates an optimal overview of carried tools, machines and consumables as well as their distribution in the LCV, both during the configuration phase and in daily work operations. The labeling stickers help to organize the SR5 in-vehicle equipment individually and also to avoid doubled carrying of stock. The refill process of running-out material is also significantly eased and accelerated.

The color code also saves on long search times for the correct tool and supports Tradesmen and Service technicians actively through an optical means, to systemize and thereby keep order in their Vehicle, leading to a highly efficient working environment and a professional appearance at the customer. The labeling stickers are tear-proof, resilient to moisture and possess the best adhesive properties.

NEW: Worktop for standard shelf

An integrated Worktop in the standard shelf turns the LCV into a mobile Workshop. It enables you to carry out small assembly jobs or adjustments directly and professionally in the Vehicle, which means considerably eased workload. The continuous border protects tools and materials from unintentional falls. Furthermore the standard shelf including Worktop is compatible with the plastic slides which means a hanging construction of SR-BOXXes is possible. Small components and tools are thereby always at hand when working on the Worktop. There is also the optional possibility to retrospectively mount a parallel vice on pre-specified assembly points on the Worktop.

EXPANDED: Shelf equipped with SR-BOXXes

For simple and time saving configuration, customers in mySortimo can also avail of hanging or standing SR-BOXXes when configuring pre-equipped shelves in different variations. The online configurator gives the possibilities of integrating standard shelves with hanging and standing SR-BOXXes, standard shelves only with hanging SR-BOXXes or standard shelves in combination with integrated L-BOXXes as well as hanging SR-BOXXes in the SR5 in-vehicle equipment.

The SR-BOXXes which are absolutely unique in the in-vehicle equipment sector can be integrated in the SR5 in-vehicle equipment both under and on the standard shelves thanks to plastic slides ensuring optimal space utilization in the SR5 shelving. This means you can have double the amount of SR-BOXXes, which are optimal organizational aids in the Vehicle, thanks to the space saving incorporation option. They provide sufficient stowage possibilities for the transport of small components and consumables and can be individually partitioned for better organization and overview using dividers.

Furthermore the SR-BOXXes are with immediate effect available in the configurator in sizes S, L and XL and can be individually planned by Sortimo customers.

NEW: Drawers

The drawers, which are now available to be planned on the mySortimo configurator, not only add value optically but they also provide huge added value to your daily work routine on account of their high load capacity of up to 90kg. Thanks to full extension, Sortimo customers have an optimal overview of all contained tools and materials as well as fast access to same. The drawers are absolutely robust thanks to their anodized Aluminium front and can be sub-divided with dividers for better structure and overview. Anti-rattle mats prevent the contained tools and materials from moving during the journey.

On top of that, the proven Insetboxes for small components and consumables like screws and anchors as well as Sortimo tool inlays, which contribute to the optimization of work processes as well as to material friendly, over-viewable and organized transportation of hand tools, are compatible with the SR5 drawers.

The drawers can be individually labeled and provided with a color code through mySortimo labels in the in-vehicle equipment configurator, whereby Sortimo have perfected the organization of the working environment in the mobile Workshop. The labeling stickers enable faster access to the drawers contents because of the improved overview and also impart an orderly impression in the Vehicle.

NEW: SR slides

The SR slides are also available in the widths 3 and 4 with immediate effect and can be planned in mySortimo configuration. SR slides are extendable slide compartments in which you can stow the most varied materials or tools. Thanks to a load capacity of 25 kg the SR slides are a stable, space saving and cost efficient alternative to drawers and thanks to the plastic slides they may be removed completely from the SR5 in-vehicle equipment at any time. The SR slide can be further individually divided using dividers, equipped with Insetboxes or suitably optically identified thanks to mySortimo labels. Customers profit from a multitude of possibilities for organizing contents in the SR slides, providing huge added value in the modern daily work routine.

NEW: Lids for SR-BOXXes

Some of the SR-BOXXes assortments will have a transparent, two part lid available. This enables a direct overview of the contents of the BOXX, even when it is closed, and also protects the contents from dust and dirt on the construction site and in the Vehicle. Furthermore the lid enables stacking the SR-BOXXes on top of one another whereby they can be simply carried as a stack to the site of operation.

The lid provides Tradesmen and Service technicians with great added value in their daily work routine because it allows, thanks to an integrated dosing lid, that small parts can be quickly filled and removed, without taking the SR-BOXX completely out of the in-vehicle equipment. Access to the entire contents is possible via the main lid which also eases the refilling process.

The new SR5 in-vehicle equipment provides Tradesmen, Service technicians and Fleet customers with perfect workplace organization in the tightest of spaces. Cross-trade processes can be further optimized and work flows can be markedly more targeted and efficient which leads to productivity increases in the daily work routine, all thanks to the SR5. The in-vehicle equipment convinces on account of its slim dimensions, which means the available loading area in the LCV can be utilized to the maximum. SR5 provides a highly efficient mobile working environment as well as a comprehensive integration of tools, machines and consumables stretching beyond system borders, thanks to the one hundred percent individualization possibilities offered by mySortimo configuration. Further information on SR5 and mySortimo configuration can be found on mySortimo.de.

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