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Coming soon!

ProClick will be made available by Sortimo in the first half of 2021.
So stay tuned – we'll keep you up to date.
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ProClick Tool belt

The tool belt can be supplemented with practical pockets in which you can stow your tools and consumables. Your hands remain free and all materials are on hand.

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ProClick as accessories for SR5

ProClick also serves as a practical accessory for the SR5 in-vehicle equipment. Bags and other accessories can easily be hooked into the ProSafe punching in the side profile.

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One Click – unlimited possibilities

One click:
The system consists of two essential elements:
The ProClick Holder and the hook. If you bring the two together, it "clicks" once, which means that the hook is locked and fixed securely.

Unlimited possibilities:
The ProClick system is used in almost all everyday situations. Because the bags can not only be attached with hooks in the ProClick Holder, but also in the well-known Sortimo ProSafe punchings. Thus, the ProClick products can also be used as accessories in the vehicle equipment or, conversely, the vehicle equipment as a practical storage system for the ProClick bags, which can be taken to the place of use with the tool belt.

Cross system:

ProClick Holder

ProClick Bags

ProClick Tool Belt

ProClick as accessories