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One “click” – endless possibilities for your mobile working day!

Learn interesting insights from the product development of ProClick to the product launch. Sortimo managing director Reinhold Braun allows a look behind the scenes.

Sortimo – specialist for vehicle equipment – is now also active in the area of ​​textile bags? Yes, the answer is simple: Because these fit perfectly into our EcoSystem. Anyone who knows Sortimo knows that we can do more than “just” in-vehicle equipment. 😊 I asked Sortimo Managing Director Mr. Braun about insights from product development, why the new ProClick product line optimally complements our proven EcoSystem and brings you successfully through the mobile working day.

Mr. Braun, in addition to van racking systems, BOXXes, suitcases and various all-round services, Sortimo now also has textile bags and tool belts in its portfolio. How did the idea come about to develop the bags segment for the construction site and to build up competence in textiles?

As a full-service provider whose aim is to make the working day as efficient and productive as possible for its customers, it was just another logical step for us to offer our customers our own product line especially for mobile work. From the original idea of ​​so-called soft storage solutions, the project has been concretized to the effect of developing transport solutions for tools directly on the body. This resulted in a completely new product line for mobile working with competent and well-known partners in the market.

It was clear to us from the start that the products had to be supple and robust and therefore only work in conjunction with highly durable textile fibers. Our core competence – metal construction – was therefore not an issue. We have therefore brought in specialist expertise in the form of new staff from the textile sector in order to select the ideal fiber with an acceptable investment.

After various tests, the decision was made in favor of the textile fabric made of 1000den polyester, which is absolutely reliable, hard-wearing and long-lasting even under the toughest conditions on construction sites. Since we have always relied on a high-quality mix of materials, this is a great addition to our metal and plastic products.

One requirement of the new product line was, of course, the seamless integration into our Sortimo EcoSystem, i.e. it had to have interfaces to existing products such as our vehicle equipment or the L-BOXX family, but also offer options for mobile work directly on the individual. This was ultimately the hour of birth of the innovative ProClick Holder.

How did the name “ProClick” come about?

Click literally has acoustic backgrounds, because the connection between the individual components of the product line works thanks to two essential elements – the ProClick holder and the hook.

If a ProClick tool bag is hung in the holder, the acoustic signal – the “click” – is clearly perceptible to the user. ProClick also stands for the simplicity on the one hand and, at the same time, the versatility of the system on the other – endless possibilities open up to the user with just one “click”! The “Pro” underpins the proven high Sortimo quality with regard to professional work.

How quickly did you come to an agreement that the product line should be called ProClick?

In all fairness this was a bit of a lengthy process as the name should ultimately be chosen with care. Internal brainstorming sessions and think tanks – also with our partners – have put many good suggestions on paper. Ultimately, however, we asked our professional users from trade and industry which suggested names they would most likely associate it with. The clear majority decided in favor of ProClick and thus the product name was set.

Did the product development focus on specific target groups or industries for which the product line should be particularly suitable?

In the well-known series “Listen, who’s hammering” with Tim Taylor as the self-proclaimed “DIY king”, tool belts are well known even among non-tradesmen. In the USA in particular, tool belts have been in use for decades, especially in the carpentry and roofing industry. In this sense, the tool belt is nothing new.

The simple clicking in of the pockets, even while the belt is being worn, and full compatibility with our EcoSystem – the ProSafe load securing system and the L-BOXXes family – make the ProClick system unique on the market and interesting for all trades and industries.

No matter whether SHK or electrical, roofer or carpenter, professional or DIY enthusiast – ProClick is functional and flexible in use so that every user can find themselves here.

In addition, ProClick will be further expanded through the BS Systems joint venture, so that the range of products will grow enormously in the future, regardless of the brand.

What advantages does the product line offer me in everyday mobile work?

I can also refer to our survey that we carried out during product development. We have had the advantages of freedom of movement, security, cross-system compatibility, order and ergonomics assessed. As the results of our 2020 survey have shown, skilled trades and service professionals see freedom of movement as the most important advantage.

For 72 percent of those surveyed, it is of great importance to have your hands free while you are working, but to have the tools you need right on your body and at hand at all times. They consider it a great relief not to pile up tools and consumables in their pockets anymore.

More than 69 percent of those questioned also stated that they consider cross-system compatibility to be a major added value. The ProClick tool bags can be conveniently attached to the Sortimo in-vehicle equipment as well as to boxes such as the C-BOXX or the tool carrier and can thus be safely transported to the place of use.

In addition to the advantages of freedom of movement and system compatibility, the issue of security also plays an important role. As a specialist in load securing, the safety aspect is generally of central importance to us, even during product development. During his professional activity, the tradesman must rely on the fact that his aids guarantee him the safest possible way of working.

The stainless steel hook integrated in the ProClick tool bags guarantees a secure hold when clicked with the ProClick holder or on the ProSafe punching of the Sortimo van racking system.
Of course, this is particularly important for those trades who usually move at great heights, such as on scaffolding, ladders or house roofs, during their work.

Why did you choose hooks as a connecting element and not alternative solutions such as magnets?

When developing ProClick, we actually considered all possibilities and solutions as suitable connecting elements and sometimes tested them with prototypes, from magnets to various hooks and mounting options.

In the end, compatibility with the existing ProSafe system made the decision:

ProClick bags can be hooked into all vertical ProSafe rails using the hook, which further optimizes mobile work and transport of tool bags from the workshop via the vehicle to the construction site.
Pre-equipped in the workshop, the ProClick tool bags are safely transported on the SR5 side profile or the ProSafe posts from Globelyst4.
When they arrive at the construction site, they are quickly and easily clicked into the tool belt with just one movement.

This system compatibility optimizes and simplifies the working cycle of the user immensely.

You have already mentioned the ProClick Holder several times. Is this crucial for ProClick?

Of course, the ProClick Holder is the heart and connecting element between the bag and belt or the bag and tool carrier – it is used to click the products together.

Particularly practical and exclusive about it is the fact that I do not take off my belt – and it does not matter whether I wear the ProClick tool belt or use a standard belt – and first have to laboriously thread the holder. I can easily click this onto the belt using the locking mechanism.

This is also where the uniqueness of the product line becomes apparent, because you haven’t found it on the market yet. Our aim is always to simplify our customers’ daily work through added value. Even the little things can make a big difference. Especially in the hectic activity on the construction site, not much time should be wasted operating / using the aids. With ProClick, we are therefore giving our customers a system that makes their day-to-day work easier.

Are there any extensions to the product line that are already being planned or are in the starting blocks?

Yes, there are many ideas for expansion and also specific products that will add value to the portfolio again. Anyone who knows me knows that it is extremely difficult for me, but I’m not going to reveal any details just yet. In any case, it remains exciting!

Do you have a few more tips and tricks for our readers at this point that will make them even more efficient and productive in their everyday work through the use of ProClick?

Of course I have. ProClick offers a few options here:

For example, I would recommend equipping the tool bags in a standardised way. In this way you can select the required bag (s) – depending on the purpose of the requirement.

You just take off one pocket and click the next pocket on it. Tools and work equipment that are used together or that belong together are always useful together, valuable working time is saved as there is no need to rearrange anything, just “click”.

69% of those questioned in our survey also rated this advantage as being highly relevant; 25% even assume this to be the case. By using ProClick, one or the other screwdriver that has often got lost in your trouser pocket will find a permanent place in the tool bag.

On the front of the ProClick tool bags of size L there is also a small pocket, matching the size of an inset box. Consumables such as nuts or screws do not have to be loose in the tool bag.

Simply put the necessary consumables in an inset box of size 1 × 2 or two inset boxes of size 1 × 1 and they are neatly arranged and sorted in the tool bag and ready to hand.

Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Braun! 😊

Have we captured your interest in ProClick?
Then you too are one of the first and order the practical ProClick products for your mobile working day now:

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