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Tips and tricks for professional vehicle decals

This is how mySortimo graphics supports your marketing!

Advertising works – also on vehicles: If you are on the road every day with your van, you should definitely think about the topic of vehicle decals. This way you can turn your vehicle into a “mobile advertising pillar” and promote your company, services or products everywhere. By the way, attention-grabbing vehicle wraps are not expensive at all – and very easy to design yourself. Learn more about the possibilities of individual vehicle wrapping as well as tips and tricks and how the online configurator mySortimo graphics supports you.

In future, you would like to use the existing exterior surface of your van as additional (permanent and cost-effective!) advertising space for your marketing and to draw attention to yours. But before you start thinking about the graphic design, here are a few tips and tricks that are worthwhile – so that you can be more successful with your marketing and really take off!

Your path to success: vehicle wrapping – preliminary considerations

What is your goal? What message do you want to convey?

Think in advance about what message you want to convey to your customers “out there” on the streets via your vehicle. What specific goal are you pursuing? Is it perhaps to raise the profile of your company / business? Or do you want to draw attention to a service you offer – or advertise a special product? If you have a clear goal in mind, the advertising message and layout will be much easier to design.

What details/information must be on the vehicle?

In the next step, please think about what information must (e.g. contact details) and can (e.g. your company message, slogan) be put on your vehicle. Remember: Who likes to read long explanations about why your company is the best, for example? Especially since the attention span in road traffic is quite short anyway! Sometimes it is only a few seconds! At first glance, this may not seem like much time in which you have to quickly gain attention for your business. Nevertheless: nothing is impossible!

Therefore our advice: Less is more!

Vehicle wrapping: placing the logo and company name correctly!

The most important signboard and recognition feature of a company is the logo (in combination) with the company name. Therefore, make this the primary message of your vehicle wrapping.

The logo should be placed so prominently on the vehicle that it immediately catches the eye of the observer. Even if the advertising message is lost, potential customers may still remember the distinctive logo and find you online via your website.

Exceptions prove the rule when it comes to the size of the logo, but it can generally be said that the larger the logo, the greater the advertising effect! This way you offer passers-by the opportunity to recognise and memorise your logo even from several metres away.

A positive example:

The logo as well as the industry – and also the contact details are clearly visible. Everything done right!

A negative example:

The logo, the industry and the contact details are very small and difficult to decipher. A lot of wasted space, considering the available space on the vehicle.

Website, business card, flyer: The cross-media recognition value does the trick!

Do you want your advertising to “stick” in the minds of your target group and be remembered later? Then you also offer potential customers the possibility to find exactly you among the many “other offers” (out there)! The keyword is: consistent brand presence.

Please also make sure that the vehicle wrapping is created in the same corporate design and does not look fundamentally different from, for example, your website, business cards or information brochures, catalogues and flyers. This includes, for example, the same font, which you should use consistently across all your marketing materials. Or: the same visual language as well as a uniform colour concept in your marketing portfolio.

Clear design and coherent overall picture: immediately catch the eye!

Create a coherent overall image with your vehicle wrapping! The viewer should be able to grasp the content quickly. Therefore, when choosing colours, it is important to ensure a high contrast between the colour of the film and the background. For example, avoid dark colours on glazed areas such as side or rear windows.

When choosing fonts, classic fonts are the best choice. Avoid exotic or strongly curved fonts. These are often difficult for the viewer to read and therefore do not convey the information as desired. When designing your vehicle, ideally limit yourself to one or two different fonts and a few colours based on your corporate design. This ensures a coherent and professional overall image.

A positive example:

Good colour contrast of information on the white vehicle. Everything important is quickly grasped by the observer. The available space on the vehicle is used at the front, rear and sides and this is also clearly visible.

A negative example:

Contact details are difficult to decipher. How are they to be recognised – even more so in road traffic with its many distractions?

Photos on the vehicle: eye-catcher and supporter of the advertising message (H2)

To attract attention – and as real eye-catchers on your vehicle – pictures and photos are of course also suitable. However, when choosing the right motif, do not underestimate their potential impact! Pictures and photos really only emphasise your message if they are clearly recognisable on the one hand (make sure they have a high resolution, otherwise pictures will appear pixelated or blurred when enlarged) and on the other hand do not represent a “break” with your company or your advertising message. After all, it is not purposeful if viewers do not immediately recognise which service or product you are actually offering.

A positive example:

The photos are clearly visible on the windows. The “wood wool”, symbolic of the carpentry business in the door area, is discreetly – yet clearly visible – next to the contact details.

A negative example:

Here the “wood wool” is placed behind the contact details – it looks choppy and is not directly recognisable.

Optimal placement of vehicle wraps: The “where” also matters!

When placing important company information, it is important to remember that it cannot be seen at all or only rudimentarily at the bottom of the vehicle.

Also, important data and logos should not be placed in the dirt area of the vehicle. It is therefore advisable to place essential elements such as the logo and/or company name in the upper area of the vehicle.

A positive example:

All important information can be quickly grasped – and placed in a clearly visible position – which is pleasing to the eye of potential customers.

A negative example:

The highly visible area with maximum perception was not used. Instead: Information is placed in the “dirt area”. The goal was clearly missed – back to start!

These have been some tips for you in brief…

mySortimo graphics: Configurate your vehicle wrapping online

With the online configurator, you can choose between various professional and vehicle-specific templates that you can customise to suit your company. Or you can simply design completely freely. By the way, you don’t need any graphic design experience at all, although general Office skills are definitely helpful. With just a few clicks, you can visualise your vehicle wrapping here. Another advantage: the price of the wrapping is displayed in real time so that you can see the financial impact of each change. If you are not completely satisfied, save the configuration and contact the Customer Service Centre via the vehicle administration. Kenntnisse durchaus hilfreich. Mit nur wenigen Klicks können Sie sich hier Ihre Fahrzeugbeklebung visualisieren.

5 good reasons for the mySortimo graphics online configurator:

5 good reasons for the mySortimo graphics online configurator:

  1. the online configurator is available 24/7. Design is possible at any time
  2. simple design thanks to design templates and specification of the optimum design areas for different models/manufacturers
  3. time saving due to configuration with direct ordering option. No time-consuming coordination with service providers necessary
  4. full cost overview at all times: price transparency through dynamic price calculation
  5. everything from one source: only one appointment is necessary for the vehicle wrapping

mySortimo graphics Service: We help you with successful marketing

And if you would rather have your vehicle designed by professionals, our Sortimo media designers will be happy to support you with advice and action – and a good dose of creativity. For a low graphics fee, our experts create the print templates according to your wishes. Together with you, we implement ideas – and put your company in the limelight. Your vehicle – or even your entire vehicle fleet – will thus receive professional decals that are guaranteed to attract attention. So that you can really get started!

How the online conifgurator mySortimo graphics works

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