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Sortimo Fleet Management Services: Vestas receives comprehensive fleet upgrade

During a pilot workshop together with Vestas and Volkswagen at the Sortimo Mobility Competence Center, profound insights were gained in this regard, which in the end provided Vestas with an efficient solution for their fleet management.

Global markets are becoming increasingly volatile due to the pandemic and supply chain changes. As a result, companies are forced to act quickly and flexibly. At the same time, important strategic decisions have to be made due to stricter ecological requirements for the vehicle fleet. In order to optimally support this process, the use of data plays a central role. These are obtained from a variety of internal and external data sources, such as information on customer products, fleet and service management software or data from leasing companies. In order to interpret the data correctly on this basis and to be able to make profitable decisions in a short time, a high manual effort is often required. This is where Sortimo’s “Fleet Management Services” program comes to play, because the efficient use of data means a decisive competitive advantage. On the one hand, the manual effort is significantly reduced, on the other hand, decisions are made faster and with higher quality, and the cost base is significantly reduced.

Maximum customer benefit clearly in focus thanks to Sortimo

Sortimo’s “Fleet Management Services” program supports customers to focus on their core business – service. Based on the information which content is transported for which purpose, in which organization and ultimately in which vehicles, the bridge is made to the type of operation, inventory, vehicle equipment and also the fleet. Based on this data analysis and linked to the in-depth expertise of our Sortimo consultants, customers receive a complete carefree support, including a proposal for a suitable mobility setup, the possibility of monitoring of the setup in operation and the resulting derivation of others optimization processes.

Initial findings in the pilot workshop with Vestas and Volkswagen

As part of the pilot workshop with Vestas and Volkswagen in our Mobility Competence Center, we were able to further shed light on this topic.
Vestas – the global leader in sustainable energy solutions – has a clear strategy to convert its global service fleet to electric vehicles with the ambition that by 2025 all new service vehicles should be sustainably fueled.

An additional challenge for the fleet manager is the efficient management of the global fleet. In order to gain a better understanding of these processes and in particular to further pursue Sortimo’s claim of putting the needs of Vestas as a customer first, Sortimo invited fleet managers and lean managers from Vestas, representatives from Volkswagen and Global Account Managers of the Sortimo subsidiaries to Zusmarshausen to find a holistic global solution.

On the basis of a holistic and life-cycle view of inventory, equipment and fleet, it is possible to work with customers on new innovative solutions. And that across many different purposes and national borders.

Comprehensive solution for optimizing the customer fleet

Many different requirements and country-specific differences came up in lively discussions and talks. Accordingly, the challenge was to find a common denominator and to determine a solution for setting up the new ID Buzz.

After two intensive workshop days with material and process analysis, a holistic solution for optimizing the fleet could be successfully defined as a result: Vestas chose an SR5 system with BOXXes, labels and inlays as well as the use of BOXXes frames, hanging SR-BOXXes and rotating blocks. This means that all requirements can be met with maximum use of loading space. By considering the problem holistically, this solution can now also be implemented globally in all vehicles and gives the customer real competitive advantage.

FMS – Fleet Consulting

Fleet Consulting follows a three-step concept that provides well-founded insights into individual customer needs and helps to achieve an optimal mobility setup.

In the first step, the focus is on the core processes of the company. The inventory is recorded and requirements for use in the field are defined and special features of the industry are taken into account.

Next, a worldwide standard solution is defined for the vehicle type. In the present pilot project it was a new ID Buzz Cargo, with higher productivity and at the same time smaller loading volume, compared to the previously used VW T6. The current setup of the fleet was examined and particular attention was paid to productivity losses, hidden costs and general fleet performance.

In the third and final step, the individual corporate goals of the customers and their influence on the fleet are included in the analysis.

Depending on the focus, the newly defined mobility setups enable cost and process optimization as well as ambitious corporate social responsibility goals to be achieved. On the basis of comprehensive consulting and the integration of many stakeholders, Sortimo’s solutions are also characterized by a high level of acceptance in the customer’s organization and fast implementation.

FMS – Order Management

All information about orders and the installation process itself can now be managed in real time on the FMS Order Management platform. This means that the entire ordering process can be managed transparently and in a time-saving manner for the fleet manager. In addition to these advantages, companies benefit from flexible rental models at low-cost conditions, which Sortimo offers together with strong partners.

FMS – Operating System

The FMS operating system platform makes it possible to monitor the setups during use. By integrating the inventory management system, standard inventories can be defined for each application and racking solution, so that requirements and availability can be controlled efficiently and across organizations. In combination with a telematics solution, it is also possible to track parts of the equipment live and thus increase the first-time fix rate, i.e. the percentage of orders that can be solved with one trip to the customer, and reduce inventory loss. In addition, telematics-based usage profiles in combination with equipment dimensions, inventory lists, weight and remaining payloads make it possible to identify electrification potential in the fleet and to provide customers with tailor-made electrification support.

With these functions, which go through permanent optimization processes, the fleet manager keeps an eye on everything and, thanks to the high level of transparency and the rapid availability of the data, can react to every new challenge in no time. A decisive advantage that allows the future of the vehicle fleet to be shaped proactively.

Do you still have questions about Sortimo Fleet Management Services and would like to contact us directly?

Our Sortimo team will be happy to assist you in our branches and stations throughout Germany. Alternatively, the Sortimo Customer Service Center will be happy to help you. You can find all contacts at:

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