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Your new co-driver for more order at the wheel – the Sortimo AutoAssistant

The new AutoAssistent is the ideal passenger because it ensures the best possible order behind the wheel. For tiler Andreas Deffner, he has become an indispensable part of everyday work.

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Valid for the purchase of van racking systems with a net value of EUR 2,000 or more and only until December 31, 2020!
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Sometimes paperwork can’t wait to get back to work and needs to be done immediately. The vehicle usually serves as the most important alternative and becomes a mobile office. But where do you put your documents such as order books and documents, pens and pads for notes, drinking bottles or the mouth and nose masks that are currently needed several times a day? Surely each of you has already found one or the other solution. The front passenger seat is a practical storage place.

Kullis, orders and delivery notes, everything is quickly and easily filed there. At the next customer, however, I first have to rummage through the hodgepodge to find the right order. Or, everything is scattered in the footwell because you had to brake a little harder. The annoyance is then often great and can be easily avoided. 😉

Andreas Deffner knows that problem:

As a self-employed tiler, I travel a lot to customer appointments and construction sites. In doing so, I always had the problem that my notes and measurement sketches were lying out of order on the passenger seat. Even the yardstick or the ballpoint pen was always hidden somewhere in the door shelf.

Andreas Deffner Fliesen Deffner

What would you say if I recommended a helper who would make your day-to-day mobile work even easier in a very simple way and save piles of paper lying around, untraceable pens and chaos in the footwell? In this case, the new AutoAssist would be your perfect passenger. All items such as writing materials and documents find their place here, are always to hand and also neatly and safely stowed away. Even in the event of an emergency stop, everything stays in place, with just one movement you can reach everything you need in your mobile office.

Tiler Andreas Deffner is one of the first customers to try out the new AutoAssistant.


With Sortimo’s AutoAssistant I have now found a great solution for this. I can stow my small things in the large main compartment and even divide them with the two dividers.

Andreas Deffner Fliesen Deffner

Experienced Sortimo customers know of course – the AutoAssistent is not new!

However, because it has been so popular since its market launch in 2008, we have completely revised and further optimized it.In addition to a chic design and an improved shape, it received additional features that bring many advantages not only in professional, but also in private everyday life.

Simple attachment, gentle on the seat

The AutoAssistent is placed on the front passenger seat in the commercial vehicle and in the car. The optimized shape is particularly gentle on the seat pads due to the rounded edges. It is attached very easily and quickly using the three-point seat belt, which means that it can be used on every seat in the vehicle – even in the rear.

Goodbye crowd of piece of paper

The AutoAssistant supports you in everyday work as a practical organizer. Documents such as delivery notes and offers, brochures and product catalogs, construction drawings and dimension sketches, folders and presentation folders or, if necessary, mobile phones and tablets can be placed quickly and easily at hand in the open storage compartment. There is also an integrated pen holder and space for a 1.5 l drinking bottle. Even the daily companions such as the mouth and nose protection or the disinfectant are stored there and still right at hand.


You can take notes and write reports directly in the vehicle on the lid, which serves as a practical writing and work surface. These are securely fixed with the paper clips even while driving and protected from falling.

Tidied up

Additional work materials or office utensils are stowed in the spacious storage compartment under the lid, which can be divided into up to three areas using dividers if necessary. From the safety vest to the lunch box to gloves, folding rule or the logbook, everything has its place in the spacious compartment and is ready to hand when needed.

This is how Andreas Deffner organizes himself with the AutoAssistant


I can stow my small things in the large main compartment and even divide them with the two dividers. On the lid I have enough space to make notes and to fix them properly for the customer appointment using the clipboard function. I also think the open shelf in the rear area is great. Here I always have my drinking bottle, pens and yardstick ready to hand. My mouth and nose protective masks and disinfectants also find their place in the AutoAssistant, which is essential for the current situation.

Accessories allow further storage options

Office Organizer

For all those who need even more storage options for their documents on the front passenger seat, the AutoAssistent can be optimally supplemented with the new Office Organizer. The Office Organizer is a textile bag that was developed for the backrest of the car seat and is easily attached to the headrest using a strap. With several small compartments on the front and a large main compartment, the Office Organizer offers additional storage space for other work equipment, documents and folders up to A4. So everything you need is there and always ready to hand.


I find the extension with the Office Organizer particularly practical. I can easily attach the bag to the headrest with a strap and because it has so many storage compartments, I have even more space available. Here I can put my DinA 4 folder, but also other pens, my mobile phone charging cable and there is even a small compartment for my business cards. If I don’t need the bag, it can be removed very quickly. Clutter and constant searching in my vehicle are now a thing of the past.

The range of accessories will be expanded in the future. We will of course keep you informed about this.

Comparison of old and new: it becomes clear at first glance that a lot has happened!

Compared to the previous AutoAssist, you benefit from these two compartments – the open storage compartment and the storage compartment under the lid – from over two liters more capacity.

Quickly converted for private use!

You will not only benefit from the advantages of the new AutoAssistant in everyday work. The organizer is also extremely practical in private use.

Flexible in use – also practical in private use

The AutoAssistent offers flexible areas of application and is therefore not only aimed at tradespeople and service technicians, but also, for example, representatives and sales consultants, surveying technicians, construction site managers, CEP drivers or anyone for private trips.

Vacation with the little ones

You will not only benefit from the advantages of the new AutoAssistant in everyday work. The organizer is also extremely practical in private use. I am thinking, for example, of vacation trips with the little ones.

Mounted in the middle of the back seat, the AutoAssistant offers enough space for everything from coloring books to toys for everything that makes traveling with the kids more relaxed.

Do you also already use the new AutoAssistant? Then leave us a comment about the purposes for which you are using it.

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