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For more storage space in and on the commercial vehicle – the roof rack TopSystem

Sometimes there is not enough space in the vehicle, especially when long objects such as pipes, sectional beams or ladders have to be transported. In this article you can read why metal worker Andreas Schwabauer from Bubesheim in Swabia swears by Sortimo's TopSystem roof rack.

For Andreas Schwabauer, it is impossible to imagine his Ford Transit without it: the roof rack.

It is particularly practical when it regularly has to transport long and heavy items such as awnings up to six metres long and sectional beams weighing up to 110 kg for stylish patio canopies that exceed the capacity of the load compartment. Up to now, Andreas has always been travelling with a large tandem trailer, which often caused difficulties when parking and manoeuvring. Since June 2020 he has been using the TopSystem from Sortimo.

The robust roof rack not only offers him additional storage space on the vehicle roof, the TopSystem also guarantees him an absolutely safe transport of his load. He is more flexible and quick on the road, thus saving the trailer. This is now only used when he has to bring complete roofs to the customer. A trailer is also sufficient for a small vehicle fleet. For the transport of awnings, repairs or even the return transport of individual damaged parts to the workshop, the TopSystem is now in use.

Fast and reliable load securing is a top priority for the metal worker. This was also the main argument for Andreas Schwabauer, which is why the TopSystem was chosen for the roof rack. The ProSafe load securing system is already integrated here as standard. “I have not found this with any other roof rack system on the market.”

The ProSafe load securing system is integrated into the roof rack throughout the entire length of the cross profile. This means that the lashing straps can be hooked in quickly and easily with just one movement and the long profiles are fixed to the vehicle roof in the best possible way.

ProSafe System can not only be used on the roof, it can be used in the entire loading space of the van as it is compatible with the original lashing points of the vehicle manufacturers and of course also incorporated in Sortimo’s van racking.

In this way Andreas benefits from a consistent load securing system for the entire vehicle.

“With ProSafe I now have a belt system that fits everywhere. I had a few more belts, but I replaced them now.”

The modular design of the TopSystem offers the right variant for every type of transporter. Whether large or small vans, high or normal roof, two, three or four cross beams – the TopSystem adapts flexibly to the load requirements of the craftsman.

The Schwabauer company decided on a configuration with a total of six cross beams due to the increased stability and the extended loading area.

In addition to the ProSafe lashing straps, Andreas also chose a loading roller as one of the accessories. This is bolted to the side walls of the roof rack and thus behind the rear of the vehicle, leaving space for the attached rear view camera. The loading roller allows convenient loading and unloading of the roof rack and at the same time prevents damage to the bodywork, as the materials do not touch the edge of the vehicle.

Andreas Schwabauer does not need any further accessories such as charge limiters or warning lights for the time being. “If I need something here, I can easily retrofit it at any time. “

To guarantee the durability of the roof rack, the components of the Sortimo TopSystem are all made of stainless steel and aluminium and are therefore resistant to weathering and corrosion. So rust is no longer an issue, which makes the roof rack very durable and solid. So when you change vehicles, it can be easily converted to the new vehicle and reused – as long as it’s the same vehicle model.

When asked if there are any disturbing wind noises while driving, Andreas is very clear: “Of course you can hear during the ride that a roof rack is mounted. But it is also not really louder than the driving noises.”

All in all he is very satisfied with the vehicle and the roof rack, only the motorization of the vehicle he will choose higher in the future: “Especially with a full load 170 hp instead of 130 hp would really do good”.

My conclusion:

My conclusion about the TopSystem is really very good. I am very satisfied with the roof rack because I can rely on my materials being adequately secured on the roof. It is also very practical that the load securing is already directly integrated and I can use ProSafe not only on but also in my vehicle. My new van will therefore also be equipped with the TopSystem.

Andreas Schwabauer Schwabauer Metallbau

The way to the Sortimo TopSystem

Andreas Schwabauer purchased his TopSystem in the traditional way through his sales consultant at the Sortimo branch in Zusmarshausen. Of course there is also the alternative option of ordering the roof rack online. On interested parties can find ready-made sets in different versions for all types of vans.

Individualists also have the option of configuring their roof rack themselves online. Using the SR5 vehicle equipment configurator, the TopSystem can also be individually planned without van racking and supplemented with appropriate accessories. The price for the installation service is already included in the total price here.

The created configuration is also permanently stored in the mySortimo account, so that it can be accessed again and again for new vehicles.

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