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Our Product and service innovations 2020

What we would have presented to you at our booth in Hanover had the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2020 not been canceled due to the corona ...

If this year has gone normally and the world does not belong out of joint due to the corona crisis, then the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover will be called on September 24 with the first day of discussion. We have placed you on our booth, which is ready for you every autumn with exciting product and service innovations and guaranteed rights. But since this year is everything else, and unfortunately the IAA cannot be seen, our booth in Hanover was ready for you. 😊

“After the IAA is before the IAA”. True to the motto, we go back to our think tank in Zusmarshausen with a lot of feedback from discussions with you and all other trade fair visitors and work on optimizations, market launches of presented prototypes and visionary new products until the next IAA Commercial Vehicles – with one goal: the greatest possible added value for your professional To offer everyday. Since we do not have ample opportunity to do this this year, we look forward to your feedback (in the comments) on our ideas.

But now let us drop the curtain – we proudly present:

Services with added value

mySortimo inlay: configure your own individual tool tray inlays online


At, Sortimo customers have the opportunity to configure foam inserts for storing tools, sensitive devices and machines online. With mySortimo inlay, individual inlays can be created online for Sortimo cases, BOXXes, SR drawers and drawers of van racking systems and the mobile workstation WorkMo. Tradespeople and service technicians benefit from optimal organization in their everyday work because, thanks to the tool tray inlays, hand tools can be transported clearly, well sorted and gently in the respective container.

Unproductive search times for the right tool are a thing of the past, as is forgetting of tools, as it is obvious at first glance that a material is missing. If you would like to learn more about mySortimo inlay, please have a look at this article. First practical examples are shown here.


mySortimo labels: For more order in the vehicle and shorter search times. Sortimo offers BOXXes and shelf markings for SR5 online – also for retrofitting at any time.


The online service mySortimo labels has been expanded to include a new value-adding function: for optimal workplace organization, customers of the market leader have the option of creating labels for components of the already installed SR5 van racking system using the online configurator. Labeling the individual SR5 components such as shelves, drawers, cases and BOXXes using the mySortimo configuration online configurator gives the cargo space a much clearer and clearer structure. This saves a lot of time in the daily work of craftsmen, since long search times are no longer necessary, and the refilling process is also accelerated

Of course you can also create the labels at the same time as the SR5 configuration.If the labels are created at the same time as the configuration of the SR5 facility, the vehicle will be delivered turnkey by Sortimo – i.e., completely removed and labeled – so that the craftsman or service technician can go straight to the customer. You can find out exactly how this works here.


Vehicle equipment and accessories

Globelyst4: Relaunch of the proven in-vehicle equipment

The proven Globelyst van racking system was given a facelift and adapted to the look of SR5 with a new color scheme in Sortimo Blue and CoolGrey.

Your advantages of Globelyst4:


Globelyst4 is an intelligent organization system that enables tradespeople and service technicians to have a high degree of organization and structure in commercial vehicles and supports them in making processes in their individual mobile daily work more professional, safer and more economical.

Globelyst4 provides an overview in the cargo space, which saves time and money and benefits the company financially.

Due to the modular design, Globelyst4 enables a variety of customization options. The individual parts of the van racking system can be freely combined and flexibly expanded according to the requirements of the industry.


With Globelyst4, Sortimo offers a facility that is tailored to YOUR individual needs. Your Sortimo expert will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Jumbo-Unit: XL drawer available in additional sizes

Sortimo International has expanded its product range in the Jumbo-Unit area and offers the XL drawer in additional widths and system depths.

Thanks to its extremely robust design and high payload of up to 100 kg, the Jumbo-Unit  offers craftsmen and service technicians have the option of stowing heavy equipment and unwieldy loads easily, quickly and safely in the vehicle. You can find all information on the large capacity drawer as well as advice and ordering options here.

Pull-out loading platform: unique with infinitely variable braking function

Sortimo has revised the pull-out loading platform especially for the transport of heavy equipment and machines and provided it with new functions, which make everyday work by craftsmen much easier. The new pull-out loading platform can load up to 250 kg and can be pulled out of the vehicle by up to 2/3 of the total length, which ensures ergonomic access to the load, even with a forklift or crane. The pull-out loading platform is available in 60 different sizes, which means it can be integrated into any commercial vehicle

We have also made the pull-out platform even safer:


New and absolutely unique is the stepless braking function, which takes effect the moment the operating handle is released. In this way, the pull-out loading platform is reliably brought to a stop in any position. This represents a high safety aspect, especially on sloping terrain, because a pull-out loading platform can quickly become a hazard with a high load and without braking.

Greatest safety while driving is guaranteed by the positive locking, which automatically engages when it is pushed in.

On the other hand, the ProSafe load securing system is integrated into the pull-out loading platform, which enables machines and equipment to be quickly lashed onto the loading platform.

Additional information about the pull-out loading platform is provided here.

Vice with folding function: for vehicles with limited space


From now on you have the possibility to extend your SR5 or Globelyst4 van racking system with a vice with folding function. Smaller jobs can be carried out directly on the vehicle. Tools can be quickly fixed with the vice so that they can be processed on-site at the customer or on the construction site.

The compact design is also a great advantage. Since the vise hardly needs any space in the vehicle when folded due to its narrow dimensions, it can be installed even if there is only little space available in the rear area.

The foldable vice was integrated into the vehicle equipment configurator mySortimo configuration and can therefore also be planned online for SR5. Why not try it out directly here.

C-BOXX: the universal transport box

With the C-BOXX, Sortimo has expanded its BOXXes program to include a robust transport solution for tradespeople in all industries. With a storage volume of 17 l and a load capacity of 20 kg, the robust C-BOXX offers numerous application options in everyday work.


Thanks to its bucket-like structure, it can be used for both the transport and storage of tools, consumables, dirty disassembly parts or as a container for liquids. Thanks to the foldable handle, it is easy to transport. The transparent cover reliably seals the C-BOXX and protects the contents from dust and dirt. For even greater value in everyday work, the C-BOXX is compatible with the Sortimo van racking systems and can be stowed in the shelves with a rim or in the shelf trays to save space

The C-BOXX is available online here.


Complementary mobility and organization solutions

AutoAssistent: the mobile office

For optimal order at the wheel, Sortimo has equipped the popular AutoAssistant with new useful functions that make mobile work in the vehicle much easier. The design has also been revised. On the one hand, the rounded edges protect your seat covers and on the other hand, they can be used on almost every seat in a commercial vehicle or car.
Your advantages at a glance:


  • Tidying aid – Folders, brochures and also drinks bottles up to 1.5 l are safely stowed in the open storage compartment. Everything important is always at hand. The spacious main compartment can be divided into three areas and thus offers storage space for all documents and work materials.
  • Writing pad with integrated pen holder – Office work can be done directly in the vehicle. Notes are securely fixed using the clamp function and protected from falling.
  • Safety in the vehicle – With the three-point seat belt, the AutoAssistant is quickly and securely attached to the vehicle, which means that it can be used flexibly in any seat.


This way, the AutoAssistant not only makes your mobile everyday work easier. Used privately, it offers you the advantage that books and toys are easily stowed away on journeys or trips with children and still always ready to hand.
The AutoAssistent can optionally be combined with the Office Organizer. This, attached to the headrest, offers additional storage space for documents and work utensils. The Office Organizer can also be used on the seat without AutoAssistant. In this article, you can read about the advantages that the AutoAssistant offers you in your private and professional life.

sContainer: the customizable service depot in pallet format

The sContainer is Sortimo’s response to the issue of innovative mobility concepts and serves as a customizable depot for service, trade, construction and logistics. Presented as a study at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, Sortimo customers have been able to order the sContainer since the beginning of the year. The possible uses of the depot, which is available in two heights (1200 and 1900 mm), are extremely versatile and can be ordered on
Due to its basic dimensions in Euro pallet format and receptacles for industrial trucks, the sContainer fits into standardized logistics and transport chains. The massive base assembly made of powder-coated sheet steel allows a load of up to 500 kg. Three lock variants ensure protection against unauthorized access.

The application possibilities of the sContainer are diverse:

This can be used as a service or construction site container, mobile depot or hub for logistics companies. Tools, machines and consumables are available directly on site and safely deposited.

In the interior, the sContainer can optionally be equipped with an SR5 shelving system to create storage space on several levels.

The outer shell of the sContainer is an ideal advertising space on which company logos or other graphics can be applied. The design can be created individually using the Sortimo sticker configurator. The customer receives a complete package from a single source.


Further information and application examples can be found in this article. The catalogue with accessories and prices can be found here.

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