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1st Sortimo Craftsman Forum – Two days that make your everyday work easier

Find out current topics, trends and digital solution concepts for your everyday professional life at the 1st Sortimo Craftsman form. Our proven experts offer you concentrated practical knowledge, solutions suitable for everyday use and suggestions for optimization at first hand. Be there!

Even if the mobility requirements that are placed on the craft are different, the management tasks are similar across industries. At the 1st Sortimo Craftsman Forum from May 6th to 7th, 2021, together with our experts and cooperation partners, we will show you in just two days which solutions digitalization offers you to make your everyday work not only easier, but also more efficient.

Manage mobility

Mobility plays a central role in the skilled trades, but it presents companies with a wide variety of requirements. Depending on the trade and range of services, a wide variety of vehicles and drives can be used. A cargo bike may be the preferred vehicle of choice for a service fitter in urban areas due to insufficient choice of parking space, environmental zones or high traffic volume, an electrical engineer in the country might rather fall back on diesel, since the daily kilometers driven here are often in the three-digit range lie.

In view of driving bans and environmental zones in urban areas, the question inevitably arises as to what form of drive will be in the future – petrol, diesel or e-mobility? As an entrepreneur, you have to consider both ecological and economic aspects. Switching to e-mobility has advantages and disadvantages – but first and foremost it requires a suitable charging infrastructure.

Organization in the service vehicle

But regardless of the radius in which you move every day in your work and which type of drive is the most suitable for you, one thing remains the same for everyone: As an entrepreneur, you have to manage your mobility-related tasks, i.e. your fleet, and that not least begins with the prescribed load securing.

A vehicle equipment in commercial vehicles is therefore hard to imagine for fit-out trades. Vehicle equipment per se is a suitable instrument for securing the load and automatically ensures order and structure in the cargo area of your van. The drawers, shelves or long goods trays integrated into the vehicle equipment not only create order in the van, they also secure the load from falling out and flying around in an uncontrolled manner.

This circumstance not only lets you leave a good impression on your customers, with a tidy cargo space you work much more efficiently and thus more economically. You save yourself a long search for the right tool, because everything has its fixed place, which means that (new) colleagues can quickly find their way around the vehicle, which in turn contributes to employee motivation.

With professional vehicle equipment, we enable our customers from trade and service to have maximum order and structure in their commercial vehicle, which also gives you an optimal overview of the work materials you are carrying. Our mobility solutions are designed in such a way that processes in everyday mobile work become more professional, safer and more economical.

Reinhold Braun Managing Director of Sortimo International GmbH

Chances and possibilities of digitization in the craft

Ultimately, there are various instruments that make your day-to-day work easier, both in the management area of your company – from bookkeeping to personnel management and fleet planning – as well as in direct use at the customer’s site and on the construction site. Digitization offers you completely new options here, which make administrative tasks and accounting child’s play. Nowadays, no trades can afford not to digitize operational business processes or procedures.

Digitalization has therefore become an indispensable part of the trade. But don’t see them as a specter. It offers you great opportunities and possibilities to optimize your internal processes through the use of digital applications such as apps specially developed for the trade, which in turn benefits you in everyday work. Because: If it is right within the company, this will not only be acknowledged by satisfied customers, your employees will also thank you.

The use of suitable marketing measures nowadays goes beyond flyers and advertising vehicle stickers. Even with the use of few resources, there are numerous (digital) ways and means in which you can advertise yourself in an eye-catching way, which ultimately also leads to finding qualified employees and binding them to your company in the long term.

Learn with experts

We will shed light on all of these aspects at the two-day Sortimo Craftsman Forum from May 6th to 7th, 2021 together with our recognized experts in their respective fields and show you concentrated practical knowledge, everyday solutions and optimization suggestions. These can be implemented quickly and easily, but promise you a significant increase in productivity in everyday work. At the specialist forum you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our invited experts and you can also ask personal questions.

You can find out everything here.

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