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Sortimo EcoSystem

When everything just fits perfectly – the Sortimo EcoSystem and its benefits for your day-to-day working life.

We’re always talking about the Sortimo EcoSystem.
But what is it actually?

The idea is as follows: Everything fits into and with everything else – not just other Sortimo products but across all brands.

Sortimo is offering its customers a system with which they can transport Sortimo products at the same time as integrating a number of brand-name products which tradespeople and service technicians use day in day out – seamlessly. For Sortimo, this means that we offer the manufacturers of tools, machinery and consumables the opportunity to use Sortimo BOXXes and cases as the outer packaging for their materials. (Incidentally Sortimo no longer looks after this side of things: it is done by a joint venture company called BS Systems, a joint Sortimo and Bosch company).

This strategy has enabled us to have millions of L-BOXXes on the market, achieving a high level of compatibility between outer tool packaging and van racking systems and mobile Sortimo systems, like the WorkMo. Anyone who already has an L-BOXX containing Bosch Professional Power Tools, for instance, will already be familiar with the benefits. The BOXX enables tradespeople to quickly and securely fix their equipment into the van racking system, tidy it away and yet have it quickly to hand at all times.

Total compatibility – beyond a single system

However, not every manufacturer uses our BOXXes. That was one reason for Sortimo opening up its own system and using fastenings in its van racking system for third-party boxes – to make everyday working easier for customers and thereby improve their productivity. Plastic slides and adapter plates now also enable third-party cases and boxes to be seamlessly integrated into van racking systems from Sortimo, securely held in place and transported compactly in the vehicle. Sortimo has therefore developed fastenings for Hilti cases, certain sizes of which can be pushed directly into the van racking system, and, like a Sortimo BOXX, fixed directly into the van racking system.

Hilti has adapted its case (size 20) to the Sortimo plastic slides, making it compatible with the Sortimo van racking systems and the mobile workstation WorkMo. The case can be easily inserted into the van racking system and, like a Sortimo BOXX, is fixed directly in the shelving system.

The benefit: no additional load securing is needed and the loading space is clearly arranged and tidy. If the third-party boxes and cases are too large to be pushed directly into the SR5, then the case fixation system can be used to quickly fix them in place, ensuring that they are also securely stowed away using the van racking system.

The BOXX frame: part of the EcoSystem

An equally ingenious and weight-optimised option for transporting BOXXes is the BOXX frame, which can be integrated into the SR5 van racking system. It typifies the Sortimo EcoSystem, as it accommodates two product lines in a space-saving manner: plastic slides can be fitted to the top and bottom of the BOXX frame. It differs from standard shelves in that it has only one frame and no base to which plastic slides can be fixed. This makes the BOXX frame much lighter.

Sortimo BOXXes and Hilti cases (size 20) can be inserted into the supporting plastic slides. SR-BOXXes can also be clicked into the lower slides and fixed in place. Incidentally, the BOXX frame features built-in ProClick interfaces into which our tool bags can be conveniently hooked – for quick and convenient access. And there are even more benefits: the BOXX frame weighs up to 35 percent less than a conventional shelf but can hold the identical equipment. Its space-saving design also assists you in its optimum use of the interior space.

The L-BOXX: an integral part of the EcoSystem

However, the EcoSystem is not just about integrating other brands. For some time, Sortimo’s product development has also been making sure everything fits together – that is to say, is inter-compatible. Why? Because the company wants to put customers centre stage and design a highly efficient mobile working environment for them. Perfectly coordinated mobility solutions can make a significant contribution to maximising productivity and achieving maximum efficiency in everyday working life.

Essentially, this starts with the BOXXes. They are systems that not only fulfil their purpose in the van racking system, but also help to transport, keep tidy and store tools and small components outside of the vehicle.

How can a BOXX meet these requirements?

1. By …

… clicking into other L-BOXXes and being stackable. They can therefore be used to save space in the workshop as a means of storage but also easily transported to site as a stack of L-BOXXes – using a caddy or L-BOXX trolley. This saves time and running back and forth to the van, as all the materials needed from the van are on site, saving a lot of time and energy.

2. By …

… dividing them using various options. All the dividing options are geared around the Sortimo grid system, thus form part of the EcoSystem and therefore also fit the L-BOXX perfectly.

  • Insetboxes: for the type-specific sorting of small components, such as screws and plugs
  • Dividers: for the sub-division of larger consumables or tools
  • Thermoformed inserts: for made-to-measure protection of machines, including their batteries
  • mySortimo inlays: for tools or measuring equipment – guaranteeing a straightforward overview and protecting them

3. By …

… also fitting into other mobile Sortimo systems, such as the WorkMo. Simply push them in and the L-BOXXes are tidied away in the workshop or on site.

You’re guaranteed to know the benefits if you already use L-BOXXes or other Sortimo BOXXes.
And the L-BOXX is not the only one to be part of the Sortimo EcoSystem.

ProClick: Tool bags, part of the Sortimo van racking system, and hard to beat in everyday working life

ProClick is the textile storage system that Sortimo has integrated into the EcoSystem in the form of tool bags, which can be snapped into the tool belt with a “click” and released just as quickly. The bags are ideal when you need to carry small components or tools with you, or are working overhead. They significantly reduce the distance you have to walk to pick up tools.

ProClick comes into its own at the workplace but also when combined with the Sortimo EcoSystem. Different Sortimo products feature interfaces on which the bags can be hung, starting with the above-mentioned BOXX frame and continuing with the SR5 side profiles. The bags can be easily hung and transported in the ProSafe uprights of the Globelyst system, ensuring that your day ends tidier and quicker than expected.

Other products that feature ProClick:

Load securing included

A further key element is the fully integrated ProSafe load securing system. This system simplifies the professional securing of loads in your vehicle and, thanks to its ease of handling, also means that drivers actually use it and thus transport their loads carefully, preventing damage to property and personnel. ProSafe is Sortimo’s unique load securing system, which is totally compatible with the original lashing points in light commercial vehicles and with the individual floor lashing points or wall rails.

ProSafe can be optionally integrated into various Sortimo product elements:

Van racking system:

  • cross beams, which permit loads to be secured using lashing straps and also restraint poles
  • ProSafe rails on the side profile
  • Single lashing points at various possible positions on the van racking system
  • Lashing rails on the side profiles for gas canisters, among other things


The SoboPro floor is compatible with all ProSafe applications and offers diverse possibilities, thanks to the integrated ProSafe floor lashing points, for the simple, flexible and quick securing of varying loads. SoboPro is extremely sturdy, scratch and impact-resistant and complies with the highest of requirements – while offering an attractive price. SoboPro is matched to the contours of the vehicle, and drilling of the chassis is not necessary. When using restraint poles, we recommend the SoboPro restraint pole, where the arrangement of lashing points is optimised for the poles. The most common SR5 configurations can be screwed directly onto the floor. Both floors can be selected in mySortimo configuration.

The ProSafe load securing system is also compatible with the original lashing points of vehicle manufacturers in the cargo area and can be used 100 % to secure loads with ProSafe lashing straps – this is unique.

Lashing rails:

Lashing rails can either be mounted on the side panel or on the ProPartition for extended load securing options.

Telescopic restraint poles

Even the telescopic restraint pole is part of the Sortimo EcoSystem. Apart from using positive locking to secure loads, it also blends seamlessly into everyday working life: as it can be attached to all Sortimo ProSafe securing points in the floor, in the van racking system and into lashing rails, the telescopic restraint pole has extremely versatile uses. It also has two interfaces to the ProClick Tool bag system. Practical, as the tool bags can thus also be hung on the restraint pole.

TopSystem roof rack:

The Sortimo TopSystem roof rack can also be selected as a ProSafe version so that lashing straps and other load securing elements can be used throughout here as well.

Thanks to its combined technical expertise, the market leader succeeds in offering its customers integrated procurement and application options that result in significantly improved productivity in mobile day-to-day work and provide customers with considerable added value beyond a single system. The Sortimo EcoSystem is based on a complementary product strategy to provide an integrated system by combining Sortimo products and services and those of selected partners, resulting in optimised workflows that benefit tradespeople in their day-to-day work.

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